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5 Flattering Haircuts For Women Over 50

Hitting your 50s is a time of celebration and as you officially step into a new decade, you may feel ready for a change. Many women in this age bracket have had the same hairstyles forever, which makes sense as they already know what they like and feel comfortable with. However, if you're hankering for a fresh 'do, this is your chance to give yourself a completely new look. Have you been thinking about going for bangs? They actually give women a more youthful look and can frame the face nicely.

Your hair texture changes as you age, so you also have to take that into consideration when considering a new haircut. If you're experiencing some thinning, a shorter style with layers can give the appearance of more volume. That said, that doesn't mean everyone in their 50s should chop off all their hair. There are lots of options for those who love their long locks. Whether you want a drastic new look or a subtle switch-up, there are plenty of flattering haircuts for women over 50.

Curtain bangs are flattering on everyone

If you want to freshen up your hair without going for a full-on cut, try curtain bangs. They're great at any age and work with all textures. "My favorite thing about them is that they complement virtually everyone. For long face shapes, it helps to soften and balance the facial features, while helping to elongate the facial features of those with round and square face shapes," hairstylist Chaz Dean told Woman's World. Another plus is that the varying lengths will make your hair look fuller and they look great with your hair up or down.

A modern shag gives hair volume

The shag haircut has been trending for some time and if you don't want to go full-on Joan Jett, try an updated version with gradual layers. This is a great cut for those with straight hair who want to add volume and movement. Curly-haired gals can rock a shag cut as well, but make sure the layers aren't too short. "The shag cut is achieved by creating soft layers, often with a razor, to create featherlight softness. It suits absolutely everyone, and it can be adapted to all face shapes and hair textures," hairstylist Zateesha Barbour shared with Allure.

Blunt bob with side-swept bangs

While blunt bobs are super chic, they can look harsh on some faces but adding some side-swept bangs will soften up the look. Can't decide if you look good with bangs? Try a TikTok bang filter to play around with different styles. Although, we think you can't go wrong with the universally flattering side fringe.

Go bold with a cropped pixie

Many women over 50 love short hair as it's low-maintenance and timeless. If you're feeling like a big change, a cropped pixie is the way to go. Jamie Lee Curtis and Viola Davis are two celebrities who look amazing with the hairstyle and they're not afraid to go super short. For added oomph, you can dye your hair a fun color, like platinum blond or even pink. After all, fantasy colors aren't just for Gen Z.

Mid-length hair with layers

Medium-length hair is the perfect balance for those who don't want short hair but find long hair too cumbersome. Have the ends hit just at your shoulders for a breezy look that you can style with ease. When getting a medium-length haircut, avoid layers that start too high. Instead, have them start right below your chin and let them gradually blend in with the rest of your hair.

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