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5 Key Summer Hair Tips Courtesy Of Award-Winning Stylist Charlotte Mensah

With salons opening back, many are on the hunt for a little beauty inspiration before deciding on their next look. Charlotte Mensah is here to help.

As one of the beauty industry’s most respected Afro hairstylists, founder of the Hair Lounge salon on London’s Portobello Road, and author of Good Hair (a title recommended by British Vogue’s May cover star, Thandiwe Newton), Mensah is more than a little excited about the myriad of styles, new products, and techniques to try on her clients this summer.

After months of doing our own hair (with let’s be honest, varying results), there really is no better time to explore new style options or reboot your maintenance routine.

Here, British Vogue gets the lowdown on how to best maintain hair in between appointments, and the must-try styles to sport this summer and beyond.

Extra Long Jumbo Braids

“This style will also be hot for spring/summer 2021 – thick, soft plaits will have all eyes on you. Not only do they take less time to put in and take out, but they are also the perfect canvas for showing off fashion accessories like rings, beads, and jewels.”

Natural Hair

“Hair should be fluffed out and allowed to do its own thing. With so many of us exploring and learning about our natural hair during lockdown, a lot more women will want to let their unique textures thrive this summer. The Manketti Hair Oil is unbeatable when it comes to hydrating. It is loaded with vitamin E, it is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids which act as a barrier to help protect moisture from escaping from the hair, for longer. A little goes a long way when hair becomes dry during warmer months. Towel dry excess water and apply a generous amount from roots to ends. Leave in for 5 minutes, rinse well, and style.”

Low Maintenance Styles

“My clients want to feel different after such a long lockdown. There will be a big move towards low-maintenance styles that require minimum effort, such as buzz cuts and classic Afro styles. Curly bobs will also be popular – it will be surprising to see just how people’s hair has grown! Defined curls are going to remain big in both volume and popularity. Invest in a diffuser to ensure you get perfectly defined curls.”

Bobs With Fringes

“The ’80s retro look will be a big hit this spring/summer — bobs work well across all hair textures. The curly side fringe adds a bit of a twist. Apply a small amount of the Manketti Oil Pomade (a nutrient-rich food for your hair) to palms and rub together to emulsify, distribute evenly throughout the hair. Glide fingertips over areas where you want to eliminate summer flyaways and add brilliant shine. It coats every last curl/coil with intense moisture to instantly eliminate frizz and dryness. Your curls will look instantly defined and feel super soft, especially during the warm spring and summer months.”

Well Conditioned Hair

“When you’re overdue for a visit to the salon, using a rich moisturising conditioner helps smooth and nourish your hair in between appointments. Use a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush – they help untangle knots with more ease. I recommend running the brush or wide tooth comb through damp hair starting from the ends working your way up to the roots to undo any snarls with minimum breakage. Also, eat well! Ensure to eat foods that are rich in fatty acids, iron and vitamins to nourish your hair from the inside.”

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article written by BY TWIGGY JALLOH for Vogue

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