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6 Hair Trends You Can Rock This Summer

Do you feel that warm summer breeze in the air? That desire to turn your jeans into shorts? Rosé becomes frosé?

These are the telltale symptoms that summer is approaching. And like any good beauty obsessive, you know that the change of the seasons is also the time to switch up your hairstyle. It's time for something new! No doubt your Pinterest board is already becoming full of inspo pics, but we're here to give you the short and sweet version. If you're a blonde, go red. A brunette, go blonde. Cut off that length, put some butterfly clips in your bangs, rock your natural texture, and be prepared to bombard your Instagram followers with pics of your new look. But exactly which look should you go for? Don't fret, we got you.

Celebrity stylists and Aquage Brand Ambassador Laura Polko–who's clients include Gigi Hadid, Emma Chamberlain, and Hailee Steinfeld, no biggie–is here with her predictions for the biggest summer hair trends in 2022. But you don't need to be a professional hairstylist with A-list clients to achieve these looks. You can go classic with tons of volume, Y2K chic with accessories, and maintenance with a single product. If you can't decide which look should be yours while the weather is warm, throw caution to the wind and try them all. Here, you'll find the six best summer hair trends of 2022–along with products that will make them come true.

1. Bouncy Blowouts

Hello, volume. “The '90s Bouncy Blow Out will continue to trend into Summer because it looks amazing down and chic when pulled back if it gets too hot,” says Polko. A round brush, some texture spray, and plenty of hairspray are the only tools you need to achieve this voluminous look.

2. Baby Part Pony

Need to get your hair out of your face in humid weather? “The classic low/high pony with a baby part will definitely be trending this summer as a lot of people like to keep their hair up when it’s hot outside,” explains Polko. “To create this dynamic look, pull hair back into a ponytail and create a center part, sectioning off about 1.5" of hair at the front on both the left and right side. Once ponytail is secured, pull back one of the sections and secure, and follow with the second section and secure.”

3. Airdrying

Sometimes, less is more. “Natural airdrying will be trending this season because people want to embrace their best textured life,” says Polko. Using a leave-in conditioner and a texture spray can help keep volume at the roots, for an undone-done look.

4. Claw Clips

The early naughts are here again. “The Jaw Clip will be a trending accessory this Summer because it can be worn with any outfit and for any occasion,” says Polko. “I recommend slicking hair down in the front with a fine-tooth comb, and using a gel, such as the Aquage Straightening Ultragel, to lock in flyaways and keep the style intact. Jaw clips come in a variety of sizes so every hair type can rock this accessory.”

5. Half Up

“The half up, half down with straight '90s pieces in the front is a pretty straightforward yet sleek look that will be trending for the season,” says Polko. “To start, slick back hair from above the ear to the back of the head, leaving two small pieces out at the front while keeping height at the crown, and tie back with a clip or elastic." Straighten those front pieces and leave them out to complete the look.”

6. On Sleek

“Super straight hair will continue to trend in the summer because it’s a chic and classic style,” according to Polko. After air drying or blowdrying, use a flat iron and a heat protectant to straighten your strands. “Start at the root and go down the hair with one or two passes to minimize damage.”


Article written by Tatjana Freund for Elle


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