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8 Trendy 2-tone Hairstyles with Bright Colors

Don’t love the ombre and balayage hair ideas? How about the two-tone hairstyle with bright colors? If you’re going to try bright color this season, hope these ideas can help you.

1. Arty brunette two-tone hair styles with raspberry ombré for weddings & parties

Simple long hairstyles look wonderful with stunning two-tone hair. Styles can be worn up or down, creating lovely hair color effects, like this half-up party/bridesmaid hairstyle with a pretty knot-bun. Doesn’t the raspberry pink ombré look fabulous as it reflects light from the gorgeous, deep waves on this V-shaped long hairstyle?

2. Rollicking royal blue two-tone short shaved wavy mohawk!

This creative short shaved mohawk haircut looks has lots of original new features! The shaved back and sides are decorated with geometrical lines etched in the brunette hair. The sweep of royal-blue with dark-blue balayage hair from crown to front is really impressive! Punk has ‘grown-up’ to give us some very chic versions of the two-tone hair styles!

3. Cheeky charcoal roots & blue-green hair color ideas – two-tone hair styles to energise long hair!

Green two-tone hair styles take the idea of ‘mermaid hair’ a step further and add 3-D color depth. The roots are charcoal, which is a softer shade than black, with charcoal balayage on the tips, too. Rich sea-green is the main shade with playful light-green touches in a daring look that showcases the model’s brown eyes!

4. Super-cool boho lime & grey two-tone hair styles on short wavy bob haircuts

This short shaggy, wavy angled bob hairstyles idea has a lime-green balayage-ombré that’s as zingy as a freshly-cut lime! There’s an amazing 3-D effect in this more than two-tone hair style. Trendy grey roots, merge with a touch of sea-green balayage before becoming shiny, lime waves. Add shaggy, uneven tips to make one of the coolest wavy bob hairstyles this year!

5. Flamboyant flaming ombré on long wavy brunette hairstyles

This really stunning two-tone hair styles’ option is perfect for creatives and show-biz entertainers who need a show-stopping long hairstyle to wear on-stage. Long dark hair changes to a fabulous sunburst of orange – scarlet-red ombré. The waves are styled to look like flames, too, on this amazing V-shaped long hairstyle!

6. Super sea-green/grey two tone hair styles on precise angled-bobs

Hair styles with a precise, geometric shape and straight-across bangs are great for minimising curves in a round face. Popular short bob hairstyles for mature ladies (and all age-groups) get added zing! with a vibrant, emerald-green top fading into a perfect pale-gray-green ombré. It’ll definitely make your husband sit up and take notice!

7. Beautiful brunette with soft copper two-tone balayage hair designs for long, wavy hair

Contemporary dark hair color ideas are using the popular 3-D hair color trends in this season in striking new combinations. Two-tone hair styles on long, wavy haircuts add extra depth and style, whilst flattering the face with a frame of softer, warmer hair colors. This layered, party hairstyle has textured tips and two-tone copper waves that are just adorable!

Unique & stunning hot-pink under-shaved nape two-tone hair style

Two-tone hair styles are already very popular hairstyles with creative women like tattoo technicians, who love to play with color and style! This hot-pink shaved under-cut hairstyle for long hair features a groovy, geometric pattern etched above the nape. It’s versatile, too – you can show the pink with an up-style or hide it under long hairstyles with shaggy, textured tips!

I hope you’ve found great hairstyle and hair color inspiration from today’s two-tone hair style edit! Take this opportunity to really express yourself with style and color and show your flamboyant side to the world, because there’s no stopping the fab two-tone hair style trend now!

Got idea for your new hair color? Check The Shampoo Lounge. The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our hair color galleries on our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in #tslhaircoloring


Article written by Jessica for Hairstyles Weekly


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