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Beachy Highlights That Make Every Hair Color Look Perfectly Sunkissed

Come spring and summer, Southern ladies love a little glow. However, we’ve learned better since our days sitting in the sizzling sun, slathering on baby oil for perfectly bronzed legs and spritzing Sun-In for naturally lightened locks. We’re more interested in keeping wrinkles, sun spots, and (most importantly) skin cancer at bay than catching UVs for the sake of tawny skin and hair.

Who says you needed to be fresh from your morning surf to get enviably kissed-by-the-sun tresses anyway? Beachy highlights have never been more attainable, thanks to balayage highlighting and skilled stylists.

The goal: Sunny strokes of hair color that don’t look too perfect and hit those ultra-flattering spots around your face, towards your ends, and arbitrarily throughout the rest of your mane. It’s not just for blondes, either—brunettes can stick with warm shades not too far from their base color or go with sparse, piecier blonde highlights. No matter your hair color or tone, there are beach highlights made just for you.

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Dirty Blonde Bob

This bob couldn’t look more beachy if it tried. Blended warm blondes are mixed throughout to create the overall look that will only get more glowing with every step in the sun.


Caramel Pieces on Chestnut Brown

Go super subtle with these natural balayage highlights that look anything but straight from the salon. Tiny caramel pieces are weaved into a robust chestnut brown bob and look absolutely perfect for summer.


Dirty Blonde Sombré

Create a cascading blonde effect on brown-blonde hair by placing strokes of blonde where the sun naturally lightens hair: around the face and on the ends, with random strokes throughout the middle section. The soft fading effect creates a flattering ombré look.


Strawberry Bronde

This blonde-brown shade favors the popular rose brown trend, but takes it a little lighter and adds a strawberry tint that’s simply perfect for sunny days this summer. The strawberry blonde ends look perfectly blended into the warmer base.


Caramel-Honey Ends

Add some sun to dark chestnut brown with warm golden caramel color placed mainly on the ends, venturing higher in a few random spots to make it look natural. This rich wavy lob is a great way to go beachy on dark hair.


Rose Brown Balayage

The hottest new hair color for brunettes this year is unarguably stunning rose brown. It takes the rose gold trend and turns it into a rich, warmer shade that makes brown hair look almost metallic.


Face-Framing Honey

Keep your roots—and most of your hair—its natural brown for the most minimal upkeep, and add in major face framing with blonde in a matching tone. In this case, a warm honey blonde complements a warm medium brown.


Sandy Brown

Soft blended blonde perfectly complements this rich warm brown, and we’re loving the bright pop of color it gives, especially around the face. If you want a sandier finish, start with a lighter brown base.


Buttery Blonde on Caramel Curls

Nothing catches the light quite like sun-kissed spirals, and this curly angled lob focuses light buttery blonde close to the face with its light warm brown base.