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Black Chrome Nails Are One Of Our Favorite Winter Trends

There's no doubt that chrome nails are stylish, but you might not have realized how many variations there are of this trendy modern manicure. For instance, during the warm spring months, you might be attracted to dreamy and creamy vanilla chrome nails, while seemingly minimalistic nude chrome nails would be perfect for the sunny summertime. Of course, when it comes to winter trends, you might want to opt for something a little darker and more dramatic. In that case, you should consider giving black chrome nails a try. Combining the sleek look of incredibly dark nails with the chic finish of a shimmering manicure, the glossy top has a metallic gleam that's both eye-catching and enviable. It's also more versatile than you might have realized. That's because each version of this style can have different accents and undertones to the polish as well as effects that range from a simple sheen to a full-on holographic illusion. That's not to mention the shape and design of the nails themselves. On top of that, it's a look that will suit the sort of ensemble you'll pop on for a night out on the town with friends or the kind of super-stylish outfits you might wear to work. You simply need to decide which version you want to try first.

Classic black chrome nails

Classic black chrome nails may sound rather basic. However, they're actually wonderfully captivating, not to mention both dynamic and dramatic. The dark base of the look is perfect for winter, while the chrome sheen gives it just the right amount of flair. Undeniably sleek, they could be seen as either edgy or elegant depending on how you style them and the outfit you pair them with. That's why they're ideal for a casual everyday look or one you save for a formal night on the town.

Silver black chrome nails Black chrome nails will all have the kind of shine that will capture the eye of anyone who sees them. However, that sheen can boast various hues and undertones. To stay with the metallic nature of the chrome itself, you may want to opt for nails that have a silvery glimmer. Every time light hits your manicure, it will give off an almost mirror-like effect. Beyond that, the silver snowy shine will prevent the black from looking flat. Instead, it will leave them with a rounded effect that appears to create depth.

Green black chrome nails There is a wide range of stunning colors that could be used to create the chrome effect on your winter nails. For instance, you might want a deep purple or light lilac to accentuate the dark black shade. Or, you might prefer something blue or even red. However, a fabulous forest or emerald green is also a stunning choice. Adding the colorful accent that you're surely looking for not only gives your manicure its own unique look, but it takes the black chrome effect to the next level.

Rainbow black chrome nails If you can't decide what color to highlight your black chrome nails this winter, you might want to try something that embraces them all. Rainbow chrome, for example, is striking with any color base. However, black allows it to truly stand out. Shifting between shades as you move your fingers around and let the light play on them, you'll notice tinges of green and purple, as well as blue and even bright white. That's why you'll surely find yourself mesmerized by this version of the chic ever-changing manicure.

Claw black chrome nails Take this trendy and timely look up a notch in an edgy way by combining black chrome nails with a clawed manicure. The bold style of both the color and the effect is an ideal match for the trendy — if wildly sharp — shape that is as pointed as an icicle. Beyond that, the shine will accentuate the point at the end of each nail. Although this option might not be for everyone, there's no doubt you'll feel just as fierce as you look with claw black chrome nails this winter.

French black chrome nails There's more than one way to give your black chrome nails a polished look. Along with the shiny nature of the effect itself, you can also opt for a classy French manicure. This means that the majority of your nails will remain nude or have a glossy shine that has just a slight creamy hint. However, the tips of the nails are where all of the action happens. Having the chrome effect done on the edge of each nail with a bright white sheen will leave you wanting to show them off to everyone you meet.

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