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Braided Hairstyles Perfect For Thin, Natural Hair

Believe it or not, having thin hair can be a good thing. Although some may think that having thick hair is better and gives you plenty of options when it comes to trendy cuts, having thinner hair can actually make it easier to care for, faster to style, and doesn't tend to require as much product in order to keep it where you want it to be. Frankly, having harsh feelings about your thin hair might mean that you simply aren't acknowledging what it can do. In fact, you may end up loving your thin hair if you just learn how to handle it properly and take advantage of its specific qualities.

"A lot of women hate their hair because they don't understand how to style it. ... You will have to own it, not deny it. Be your best you," Michael Crispel, the owner of Toronto's Earth Salon, told Best Health. When it comes to those who have thin hair, he went on to say that folks should "embrace the sleekness of your hair."

With that in mind, you can find the best styles to suit your particular kind of hair. That includes braids. A fabulous choice for those with thin strands thanks to the fact that it doesn't take thick hair to nail the various versions of braids, they can be fancy and intricate or quick and carefree as well as worn in an updo or left down. For instance, check out these braided hairstyles that are perfect for thin natural hair.

Cornrow braids

A classic, convenient, and chic option, cornrow braids are always a great choice for people who don't happen to have thick hair. A style that braids the strands close to the head, it can be done with long or shorter hair and also be accessorized. Beyond that, the style can either feature straight rows or designs depending on your preference as well as the skill of whoever might be putting the braids in.

French braids

Known as the French braid or French cornrows, this version can be done on the side of the head and tends to extend to the back. Starting higher up and weaving chunks of hair into a braid that stays against the scalp, it then turns into a relatively normal braid lower down. Change things up by wearing a tight French braid to a formal event and then a loose French braid during a casual outing with friends.

Accent braids

If you have thin hair, then you might want to consider braiding parts of your hair and not all of it. For instance, why not try out accent braids? While leaving the majority of your hair down, you can add a couple of smaller braids to each side. This will allow you to enjoy the same flair you would normally get from a braid while letting the loose hair fill in the space around your neck.

Braided crowns

Braided crowns are actually ideal for people who have hair that's on the thinner side. While thicker hair can create ropey braids that may be too thick to sit nicely against the head, thinner hair can be twisted, woven, and pinned in ways that are simply dreamy. A lovely style for special occasions, a braided crown can take your look from relatively simple to both memorable and regal.

Micro braids

Another traditional style that is definitely trendy, micro braids are exactly what they sound like. Tiny braids that are tightly woven, it's an ideal style for thin hair thanks to the fact that doesn't take an abundance of strands to make up each length and you can have as little or as many braids as needed. With the ability to wear micro braids down, pull them up, and style them in various ways, it's an incredibly flattering option.

Boho braids

Whether you've embraced a laidback aesthetic or appreciate a hairstyle that's easy to achieve, you might be intrigued by the idea of boho braids. Worn relatively loose which makes thin hair look thicker, these braids shouldn't be pristine or tidy but should instead be relaxed and almost messy. Think of your hair like a work of art with twists, loops, and beads to hold the braids in place and maybe even wildflowers woven into the style.

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Article written by Desiree O for glam


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