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Cherry Mocha Is The 'It Girl' Nail Color For Fall

Although everyone loves a good brown, green, or orange for the fall season, it's time to add more spice to your nails for this fall. By taking a cue from style trends, red is a perfect color to top your nails this season, making it the ultimate go-to color for fall. However, instead of going with a typical red color, why not infuse it with another fall-ready hue like brown? The cherry mocha shade combines these two classic colors, giving your red more warmth and coziness without losing any of the impact.

We've seen the brown-red mix in hair color with shades like cherry auburn, and their nail counterparts are just as versatile. By using it on an accent nail or as a full set, your cherry mocha nails are a chic color to wear all season long. Unlike other shades, cherry mocha can last you well into winter, so there's no need to switch out your manicure except for touch-ups. Add embellishments or sparkle to make this color shine, but even by itself, cherry mocha stands out from a sea of neutral nails.

Solid cherry mocha nails

While at first glance, cherry mocha seems eerily similar to burgundy, it does have a slight variation that makes a difference. Cherry mocha is a color that brings together red and brown. Add more of either color and get different tones of this same trend. A darker variation of cherry mocha can seem closer to black, giving you enough flexibility to use it in whatever way best suits your style.

French manicure design

Whenever testing out a new color, you can't go wrong with combining it with the French manicure. This design is classic and gives your nails an elegant and sophisticated look. Since the French manicure is always a safe bet, you can experiment with any color, including cherry mocha. There's no need to go headfirst into this bold color when you can get a hint with a French tip.

Cherry mocha with cream

he cherry mocha shade is decadent and rich, making it a perfect color to combine with softer hues. Using cherry mocha as part of your nail design will pair perfectly with lighter colors like white or cream. With a strong contrast, you can create more visual impact that truly stands out. Use cherry mocha in a double French manicure design or as part of a graphic design that captures your creativity.

Great lengths

Another benefit of the cherry mocha nail trend is using any length you want. With some manicures, you may need longer nails to showcase the design, especially those requiring intricate details. However, sticking with a trendy color instead of a complex design lets you choose short or long nails. Reach for stiletto nails for your cherry mocha manicure to get a vampire-inspired design perfect for Halloween.

Sparkly cherry mocha

Since we are getting close to the holiday season, why not take the chance to add some holiday sparkle to your nails? Cherry mocha nails with a shimmery top coat can make a statement without resorting to a more complicated nail design. Add a shimmery top coat, or go full glam with a chrome finish for even more impact.

Wanna try cherry mocha nails today? We've got you covered! The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in.

Article written by Leslie Leon for Glam

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