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Cindy Crawford Is Ready for Her Bangs Era

"They're not trauma bangs."

Let’s get one thing straight: without Cindy Crawford, there would be no viral '90s bouncy blowout or supermodel side part trends. She’s been a beauty icon for decades, and on February 8, the Meaningful Beauty founder revealed the latest trend she's taking for a spin: wispy bangs.

In a photo posted to Instagram, Cawford is seen in what looks like her closet wearing a black tank top, small hoop earrings, with a thick gold band on one hand, and a dainty diamond ring on the other. Aside from maybe some concealer and foundation, she's not wearing any makeup in the photo, but is letting her new ‘do take center stage. Her mid-length hair is gathered in a half-up half-down style, and her bangs, which have a slightly lighter color than the rest of her hair, are splayed in a wispy fashion over her entire forehead.

There are countless reasons to consider getting bangs, whether it’s following the latest trend, wanting to spice up your look, or, you know, going through a life-altering event that just makes you need a change. Crawford confirms in her caption that she's just having some fun with her look—“Not exactly trauma bangs. Just testing"—which leads us to believe that she didn't actually cut her hair (yet). Rather, this fringe was likely the end of her ponytail flopped over her head and onto her forehead to test out what bangs would look like. (A later carousel post confirms that she's still rocking her usual voluminous tresses, sans bangs.)

So, why are we telling you this? Bangs are having a moment right now—Kim Kardashian just got some—but they're also a huge commitment. Although it’s not the end of the world if you don’t like your bangs after your hair appointment, bangs are generally difficult to hide, and it can be somewhat of a buzzkill if you have to spend some extra time every morning styling them as you wait for them to grow out.

Is this an argument against getting bangs? Absolutely not, since they're a classic hairstyle and can work on a ton of people. Still, you can take some notes from stars like Crawford (and Jisoo, who recently created faux Hepburn bangs), who test new haircuts out all the time via wigs, clip-ins, or styling their hair before taking scissors to their strands for a permanent change.

written by Isabella Sarlija for Byrdie

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