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Cue Festival Season - And All The Best Makeup Looks To Rock At Your Favorite Fests!

If there's a perfect occasion to experiment with funky fashion and striking makeup, it's definitely music festivals and concerts. After all, music is all about expressing and finding yourself, and that means that you can totally forget about your go-to beauty looks and try out those bold styles you have been too afraid to rock.

Of course, if makeup is not your thing, you shouldn't feel obligated to rock it to a festival. But if you love the idea of glitter and bright colors, let us tell you that for a festival, more is more! Bright lips, bold metallic eyes, and a bunch of face jewels — the more drama you add to the makeup look, the more festival appropriate it is. And if you always wanted to lean into a specific aesthetic such as Barbiecore, whimsigoth, or fairycore, this is the perfect opportunity to dabble in it.

Fairy makeup

A very popular makeup and fashion aesthetic for festivals is definitely fairycore. Since festival season typically starts in spring, it feels like the perfect time to tap into your forest-fairy energy. With fairy-inspired makeup, you can go as subtle or as dramatic as you'd like. Most often, focusing on your eyes will give you the best results, and opting for earthy and metallic shades is oh-so fairy-like.

Glitter eyebrows

Most of the time, we tend to do our eyebrows the exact same way, no matter where we're going. However, a festival is the perfect occasion to spice up our eyebrow game a bit. Adding some glitter to them is an easy way to make your makeup funkier without incorporating intricate designs or super bright colors.

Subtle face jewels

If you prefer a more subtle way to rock fun makeup, face jewels are your best friend. In fact, they are so easy to apply, and they have such an impact on the overall look. All you need is some lash glue and an idea of where to place them. The inner corner of your eyes or just underneath your wing are always safe options, but if you're feeling braver, consider playing around with them on the rest of your face (and hair!) as well.

Eyelashes in a bold color

Since festivals are perfect for experimenting with looks you might not feel comfortable wearing on an everyday basis, if you are attending one this season, we highly encourage you to give colored mascara (or colored fake lashes) a chance. Pick a shade that will bring out your eye color the most. If your eyes are brown, go for purple; if they are green, pick a pink-colored mascara; and if your eyes are blue, you can try a matching blue one. Of course, these are just loose rules — whatever color you pick, your lashes will be in the spotlight.

Holographic face decals

Holographic fashion has been trending for a while now, and because of its prismatic effect, it is the perfect festival wear. However, if you want to take the trend to the next level, get some holographic face decals that only take a minute to apply and give you such an intricate makeup look. If they don't seem sticky enough, ensure you bring some lash glue with you to fix any areas that might become loose.

Graphic eyeliner + face jewels

If you want to have unique makeup for a festival, pick a bold eyeliner color that you will use to create a fun graphic liner look. This can be as simple as going for a double eyeliner look with two parallel lines or as intricate as creating a detailed design. Once you're happy with the liner, add an extra touch of drama with some face jewels that you can symmetrically place on each eye — and even add a couple to the bridge of your nose.

Futuristic silver makeup

Music festivals are known for leaning into retro-looking disco beauty trends by incorporating '60s and '70s-inspired makeup — but that doesn't have to be the norm. If you're more of a modern type, consider going a step ahead with your makeup and creating a futuristic look. For this, we recommend picking metallics and thinking outside of the box. Your whole face is a canvas, so apply some makeup in spots you usually wouldn't.

Golden glitter tears

The truth is that no matter how stunning your makeup looks before you head to the concert, by the end of it, it's going to be a sweaty mess — which is totally fine! After all, that means you danced your heart out. However, you can also lean into the messy aesthetic and rock makeup that will look even better the more you sweat. One option is glittery tears, which will still look fabulous even if they get messed up.

All pink everything

"Barbie" is expected to be the most visually-pleasing movie of the summer, and obviously, pink is the color of it. Because of that, we predict that hot pink is going to have a huge moment. If you love the color or want to try it out — your next fest is the time to rock it. A head-to-toe pink outfit with over-the-top pink makeup might not work for every occasion, but it certainly does for a vibrant festival.

Simple star makeup

Bright colors are perfect for a springtime concert, but you can create a bold look without going for pinks or blues. Instead of your classic black liner, pick a white one that you can use to create either intricate or simple designs around your eyes. A couple of stars are always a stunning choice.

Dainty heart eyes

Red is perhaps the scariest color for eyeliner, especially since it can quickly give off a vampire vibe. Plus, if you sweat and it starts dripping, well, it can look very concerning. However, that doesn't mean you can't rock it — just ensure you use a really good setting spray on top of it. And if you want to add some quirkiness, use the liner to create mini hearts just above your crease.

Vibrant blue lipstick

Experimenting with fun colors is much easier on the eyes than on the lips. So if you want to take your makeup to the next colorful level, opt for a lipstick color that isn't that common. We recommend pairing it with an eye look of the same color to create a more streamlined look, like this blue lipstick look above. Apart from that, you can play around with the design — anything is fair game!

A feathery look

When it comes to feathers in fashion and beauty — you either love them or hate them. And if you love them, you will adore this makeup look. Simply add light feathers in a color you love to the ends of your eyes with eyelash glue. However, be careful not to overdo it, as feathers can quickly end up looking too costumey.

Duochrome makeup

Duochrome eyeshadows and lipsticks are a super easy way to make your makeup much more interesting without actually spending hours on it. Of course, you can always go for an intricate and detailed makeup look with them, but just swiping the eyeshadow over your lids and adding the lipstick to your lips will totally do the trick.

Pearl overload

If face jewels are a bit too colorful and blingy for you, you can always create the exact same looks by using half-pearls instead. The pearls will instantly glamorize any makeup, and since they are super easy to apply, you won't have to spend house in front of the mirror.

Anime-inspired makeup

Anime makeup is known for over-exaggerating your facial features, making it the perfect choice for a night of dancing. Dramatic and ultra-long wings, a super sharp cut crease, and lots of glitters are a must. And if you want to copy a specific character, the girls of "Sailor Moon" are always a good choice.

DIY glue face stickers

If you want to create a funky 3D makeup look, use a hot glue gun to create a design on a piece of plastic wrap. Once it dries, peel it off and color it with a metallic or duo-chrome eyeshadow. Once you're done with your actual makeup, use lash glue to apply the 3D designs to your face wherever you find suitable.

Two different eye looks

When it comes to eye makeup, we've been taught that symmetry is the way to go. However, for a night (or a couple), you can forget about that rule and rock two completely different makeup looks on each eye. However, to tie them together, we recommend staying within the same color scheme.

Inner corner stars

Accentuating your inner corners with a light eyeshadow is a trendy makeup look. However, for a festival, you can take things up a notch and accentuate your inner corners with stars. For this look, ensure you use a waterproof pencil since you don't want the star to smudge easily.

Vampy goth makeup

If bright colors and rainbow patterns aren't your cup of tea, you can opt to go for a sultrier and more vampy look. In fact, even if goth makeup isn't your usual style, you can definitely explore this aesthetic for a music festival. Think of it this way: Once the music starts playing, you can reinvent yourself and be whoever you want to be.

Bleached eyebrows

Thanks to stars like Kendall Jenner and Julia Fox, bleached eyebrows have been popular for a while now. If you always wanted to give them a chance, but you felt like they were a bit too silly for every day, consider bleaching them for a concert or a festival. And if you don't want to rock the style afterward, you can easily dye them back with some eyebrow dye.

Negative space eyeshadow

If drawing fun designs with makeup isn't your strong suit, you will love this negative space eyeshadow hack. Simply get small stickers in shapes that you like — hearts or stars work particularly well — and stick them onto your eyelid before you go in with eyeshadow. Once you finish the eyeshadow look, take the stickers off to reveal the negative space.

Exaggerated black eyeliner

Just because you want to rock a bold look for a festival doesn't mean you need to go out and buy a bunch of new makeup. Instead, use the makeup you have but apply it differently than you normally would. For eyeliner, this means creating a thick wing and playing around with additional graphic lines and dots.

Butterfly makeup

For spring festivals, a common detail many often go for is butterflies. And while you can opt for butterflies on your outfit, adding them to your makeup is a more impactful way to include them into your look. You can go subtle by adding a couple of small butterfly face stickers or go all out and turn your eyes into butterfly wings.

Graphic liner + faux lower lashes

We already established that funky graphic eyeliner is the perfect option for festivals, but you can spice it up even more. Instead of black, do the graphic lines in multiple bold colors — and to add even more drama to the look, add some false lower lashes.

Article written by Jelena Aska for Glam


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