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Do you know, “Heart-Tipped French” Manicure Is Trending For February?

As we round the corner into the month of February, many of us turn our attention to Valentine's Day. While we still have two weeks until the 14th, the current juncture is arguably the best time of the year to pull out your pink and red nail polishes.

If you're looking to kill some extra time at home and take your winter manicure up a notch, consider trying February's breakout nail-art trend that's equal parts festive as it is minimalist chic: the heart-tipped French.

Exactly as it sounds, the design starts as a French manicure, but instead of a traditional white stripe at the tip of the nail, you make a bowed heart shape. For all the visual inspiration you need, we've rounded up Instagram's best takes on the design, ahead.

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article written by Megan Decker for Refinery29

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