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Dust Off Your Roller Skates, The 'Fawcett Flip' Is The '70s-Inspired Hair Trend Taking Over 2021

An ode to one of Charlie's chicest angels.

Move over '90s barrette clips, there's a new vintage must-have headed our way, but this time, no accessories are required. And while hair trends come and go with every season, the need for low-maintenance styles with maximum impact are forever.

Introducing: The 'Fawcett Flip', the '70s-style tresses inspired by, you guessed it, Farrah Fawcett.

Turns out, the blast from the past is back and better than ever, thanks to TikTok user Mallory Jade (AKA @groovy_mal) who pioneered the resurgence in a video where she re-creates the actress' iconic, feathery '70s style that was also donned by the likes of Donna Summer, Tina Turner, and Chaka Khan.

With Mallory's tips in mind, the oh-so-groovy way to style your tresses requires nothing more than a curler, a round brush, and well, a lot of head shaking. Simply curl the entire perimeter of your hair dramatically away from your face, or use a round brush and hair dryer to achieve the same effect, and then shake your hair thoroughly (check out how Mallory does so in the video above).

Once your curls are defying gravity, simply spritz with a healthy serving of hairspray and voila!

The look can be as extreme or natural as you'd like, with the only requirement being that the way curls face away from the face, even if the results aren't that dramatic (Exhibit A: Brie Larson).

And while the classic 'Fawcett Flip' has been tried-and-tested for years, the trend definitely caters to those who would prefer to keep their shorter layers disco-ready (think: '70s fringes or bangs), with the likes of TikTok user Rose, AKA @70srose, opting for peak vintage glamour, minus the exaggerated silhouette.

And yes, sporting a fringe or shorter layers certainly adds more bounce to your locks, trimming your tresses shouldn't be at the top of your priority list. The key is how you direct the sectioning for your curler, hair dryer or rollers.

For those wanting to 'cheat' the layered style, direct the hair on each side of your face vertically away from you (as previously mentioned), but curl the sections on the top of your head directly straight back. That way, you get the swept-back look, sans the reaching for the trimming scissors.

Thinking of time travelling back to the 1970s?

Scroll on for all the 'Fawcett Flip' inspiration you need.

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Article written by Diandra Malivindi for Elle Australia

All picture and video link taken from Elle Australia


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