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Fun Hair Color Ideas for Women Over 50

Whether you're looking for the best hair color to cover gray or just want something new, dyeing your hair unexpected colors can be fun. Modern hairstyle options for senior women include bold colors and color designs thanks to great hair color tips for senior women.

1. Fab Senior Hair Colors

Please note, however, that many colors are not temporary and some of the more fun "party" colors may be very difficult, if not impossible, to remove completely from hair (especially dry gray hair) if you decide you want to change things up.

2. Pastel Pink Hair Color

If you want to try out a subtle color for fun or before going bolder, pastel pink is a great option. The hint of pink is different without being loud. If your skin has a cool undertone, this shade of pink pairs well. Check out images of pink hair to see what other shades are available.

3. Rosy Pink Hair Color

When you want to try out a fun color that still resembles natural tones, a rosey pink might work for you. While the color is bold, it's not bright and is reminiscent of a strawberry blond color.

4. Pinkish Purple Hair Color

If purple is your color, but you're not ready to go bright and bold, opt for a light, flirty pinkish purple. You can mix pastel pink and purple strands or use a pinkish purple dye. Adding highlights of pinkish purple to lighter hair and keeping darker streaks as is can create a cool look too.

5. Bright Purple Hair Color

Purple hair goes great with green eyes and really shows off a bold personality. Purple is feminine without being sweet and will certainly get you noticed.

6. Pastel Blue Hair Color

If you love color, but still want to flaunt your maturity, pastel blue is a great option. While the color pays homage to the classic "blue-haired woman" line, it's also fun and modern. The lighter blue hue will turn heads, but it won't be shocking.

7. Bright Blue Hair Color

From bright shades of teal to electric blue, a bold blue color is more ambiguous than a purple or pink. This deep color will cover gray and show off your eccentric personality.

8. Teal Dipped Locks

Two-toned hair color has a really modern feel, especially with the dip-dye technique. Opt for a dark brown shade at the roots and dip the ends in a deep, jewel-toned teal to get this youthful look.

9. Natural Red for Non-Redheads

If you were never a natural redhead, going red can be a really fun and understated change of pace. Check out a red hair color chart to find the natural red shade that works best with your skin tone and go for it.

10. Bright Orange Locks

Women who are especially creative are ideal candidates for one of the boldest hair colors, bright orange. This shade doesn't work for everyone, but people with warm undertones to their skin can pull it off. The quirky color shows off your creative side.

11. Reddish Violet Hair Color

Reddish violet hair color isn't too far off from some natural redhead hues, but it's still bold and makes a statement. Saturated colors like this are best for all-over color and have a sophisticated edge.

12. Chunky Brown Highlights

Chunky hair highlights can jazz up any hair color from gray to white. You can add in warm brown chunky highlights and keep the rest your natural color or opt to mix one new darker color with one new lighter color. The streaky look created by chunky highlights looks similar to natural hair and won't make it look like you're trying too hard to look younger.

13. Fade From Black to Silver

Embrace your silver hair by highlighting it with dark roots for a modern senior woman look. The almost black roots fading into natural or dyed silver hair looks modern and sophisticated, but also like it belongs only on a senior woman.

14. Ombré Mohawk

If you love all wild hair colors, consider using a few different shades at the same time. Senior women with short hair can add vibrancy by dying a central section of the hair two or three colors that go together well like blue, teal, and purple. The end result is a sort of bright, fun mohawk that has a unicorn vibe.

15. Rainbow Dipped Ends

Unique hair color ideas for senior women don't have to stop at one all-over color. Get a sweet rainbow look by dipping ends in various shades of pink, purple, and blue while keeping your roots natural. As your hair grows out, it will still look beautiful and modern.

Find Your Color

A good hair color for older women is a color that makes you feel beautiful and vibrant. Start narrowing down color selections by understanding what colors look good on you. From there you can choose any trendy hairstyles for silver hair that makes you happy.

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Article written by Michele Meleen for Love to Know


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