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Honey Brown Is the Perfect Spring Color for Low-Maintenance Brunettes

Go with the honey, honey.

Spring brings about a self-care side of us that we don't always understand but definitely welcome with open arms. We give our skin, dry and cracked from winter, a healthy Jergens glow. We change our nails from dark red and chipping to a fresh pastel. And we make a salon appointment for a new spring cut and color, stat.

When it comes to hair color, low-maintenance brunettes can feel torn between "Make me blonde!" and "Why bother?" Because upkeep is a fickle friend, and nobody has time for that.

Just because your strands are dark chocolate brown doesn't mean you can't lighten up your locks for spring and summer without risking full-on upkeep and maintenance purgatory. Enter: honey brown hair.

Honey-colored hair, whether blonde or brown, is perhaps the most universally flattering color ever. It teeters the line between golden blonde and warm brown, landing somewhere that feels sun-drenched but not in a way that screams high-noon bright blonde. More like just-before-dusk honey.

In fact, this bright look from Australian stylist Steph Whitaker hits that sunny note perfectly. (And naturally sun-kissed strands were basically invented in Australia—so she's got full honey authority.)

Just so happens, this bronde shade is just as age-defying as it is universally flattering. As we mature, our locks lose some of their natural radiance. But you can instantly get that youthful glow and warmth back with a multi-dimensional honey brown color.

Done correctly, this transitional color is the only appointment you'll need all season. For brown hair, it's an easy update that's not too noticeable but makes all the difference. Go with subtle balayage if you want to stay true to your brown strands, like seen here from California-based stylist Katie Cartwright. (California is sunny and 75 degrees year-round. Plenty of honey hair inspiration there.)

We're thinking there's only one hair color for low-maintenance brunettes this spring, and it's honey brown. (You can quote us on that.) Go ahead, make that appointment, and take these pretty shots straight to the salon.

Need inspiration beyond just this honey-hued dream? That's fine. There are plenty of other hair color trends on the horizon for 2019.

The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our hair color galleries on our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in #tslhaircoloring


article written by Kaitlyn Yarborough for Southern Living

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