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How to Shape Eyebrows like a Pro

No matter if yours are naturally wild or have been victims of over-plucking, perfectly shaped and groomed eyebrows are possible to achieve. So, if you’re struggling to keep your brows neat or can’t quite nail that perfect arch, it may be time to seek assistance. By learning the correct methods and techniques for shaping your eyebrows, you’ll be able to create the most flattering appearance for your face. So, before you go pulling out the tweezers and start attacking every little hair, take the time to brush up your skills and perfect your technique with this handy guide. From finding the perfect shape for your face to identifying the best tools for the job, we can show you how to shape eyebrows like a pro.

Eyebrow Shapes

Before you can even start thinking about removing unwanted eyebrow hairs, you need to decide upon the shape that you want your eyebrows to be. Having a clear vision of the final form of your brows before beginning will help you to create the best results. While everyone’s eyebrows are slightly different, most fall into one of six main categories. They can either be S-shaped, hard-angled, soft-angled, straight or rounded. In general, the most flattering shape for you will be the one that most closely resembles the natural contours of your brows. However, there are other factors to take into consideration, such as your face type.

What Eyebrow Shape Should I Have?

While it’s always ideal to work with the natural shape of your eyebrows, to achieve the most flattering appearance, you also need to consider your face type. For example, if you have an oval face, most eyebrow shapes will suit you. However, it’s best to avoid those that are overly arched or overly straight. If you have a square face, try to balance your look by ensuring that your brows appear soft with a smooth arch. For those with a round face, making sure that your eyebrows aren’t too thin or too thick is essential. Also, ensure that the beginning and tail of your brows are in line with an arch in between for the best look. If your face is long, on the other hand, aim for slightly thick eyebrows that aren’t too long or arched.

Eyebrow Shapes for Round Face

You can be sure that you have a round face shape if your cheekbones are the widest point of the face and have a rounded chin. For those with rounded features, it’s best to make sure you have an arch in your brow. Having a sharp point in your brows is a great way to introduce different structures to your face without taking the beauty away from your eyes, nose, or mouth. While you can opt for a fuller brow, skinnier options also work well.

Eyebrow Shapes for Square Face

Square faces tend to have more prominent features, such as a sharp chin and angular cheekbones. With this in mind, stick to a soft arch that compliments the angles of your face. Flat brows with little curvature can often give your head a shorter appearance, whereas round brows will contrast too greatly from the contours of the face. When finding the perfect shape, extend the tail – this will balance everything out, lengthen the face and slim your jawline slightly.

Eyebrow Shapes for Oval Face

The oval face is best known for its adaptability, which means that many brow shapes look great – lucky you! Just like haircuts, there are myriad styles that later these features, so you can experiment with different shapes until you find something that suits you. If you want to emphasize your cheekbones, opt for a higher arch, but a soft curve will suit you best if you want to soften the jawline. You can also play around with thickness – fluffy, fuller or thin styles look exceptional. Take a look at the celebrities with the same shape as you for inspiration, such as Cindy Crawford and Bella Hadid.

How to Shape Thick Eyebrows

If you have naturally thick eyebrows, it can be both a blessing and a curse. Although it may take a bit of work to shape your brows and keep them looking neat, you will have a naturally full and thick appearance. If your brows are messy and have an undefined shape, start grooming them by marking out and removing hairs where your eyebrow begins. Then, tidy up the excess strands across the top of your brow, ensuring that your arch is in the correct place. Next, remove extra hairs under the arch. Repeat this process on the other eyebrow, working to make them even and matching. Finally, trim any strands that are longer than the rest to achieve a neatly groomed appearance.

How to Shape Thin Eyebrows

If you have naturally thin eyebrows or have over-plucked in the past, it can be tricky but not impossible to achieve beautiful and full looking brows. While it may be tempting just to leave your thin eyebrows ungroomed to make the most of every strand, this will only lead to a messy appearance. Instead, carefully groom and fill in your brows for a lovely look. To start, apply some eyebrow gel to lay your hairs flat and make shaping easier. Next, use tweezers to tidy up stray strands below your brow and carefully trim any long strands. If you need t