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How to Stop Your Hair from Breaking Off

The thought of “breakage” literally makes my hair stand on end. Whether you’ve snagged a strand on your hairband or found bits of hair between the plates of your flat iron, it gives me a hair snapping sensation.

Luckily, we’ve discovered several precautions you can take to stop the unintentional thinning and shortening of your locks. Here are our five top tips on how to keep your hair strong and battle breakage.

Get Silk(y)

Silk hair bands mean silkier hair. Made from the highest grade, long ­fiber mulberry silk, The Good Hair Day Set reduces pulling, tangling, creasing, and breakage-causing friction associated with ordinary hair ties. At night, make sure your strands are protected with the anti-bed head power of Slip’s silk pillowcase, which counteracts the hair-damaging effects of tossing and turning. Plus, it preserves your blow out!

Get Slick

Hair oil fights breakage in many ways: sealing parched ends, deep conditioning the scalp, moisturizing strands overnight, the list goes on. Make sure to invest in a do-it-all oil like, Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil. Known as “liquid gold,” just a couple drops of hair-saving formula conditions, reduces frizz, and strengthens against breakage.

Get Protected

The best way to beat breakage: cool it on the heat. If that’s not an option for you, at least promise me that you’ll keep your strands protected at all times. Make sure that you go for a spray that can withstand up to 450 degrees of heat. Bumble and bumble. Glow Thermal Protection Mist protects hair against heat tools, strengthens strands, and prevents breakage with its Honey Protective Complex, a concoction that conditions hair and improves elasticity.

Get Strong

In my opinion, healthy hair starts in the shower. What you do to your hair before you style sets the tone for hair strength, hydration, and overall health. Make sure you deep condition your hair once a week with a formula that brings vitality back to dry/damaged hair. Hair Mask helps repair breakage from root to tip with a formula highly concentrated in key plant-based extracts, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Get Creative

Overstyling is one of the chief causes of hair breakage. Instead of frying your strands every day, get creative with your styling to avoid unnecessary processing and grow out damaged hair. Two options here:

1) Start embracing your natural hair texture or

2) Blow out your hair once a week and maintain with heatless hairstyles. Either way, make sure you have a flexible styling product that works with your strands without any greasy build up. R+Co Motorcycle Flexible Gel will help you achieve control with flexibility, so you can restyle with ease. If you absolutely have to retouch with heat, the gel contains a heat styling complex that protects hair from thermal damage.

article written by Victoria Vallecorse for Beautylish

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