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If You Like Chunky Highlights, You'll Love the "Piano" Highlights Hair-Color Trend

"Piano" highlights are a popular hair-color trend for fall.

The style shows clear lines between the dark and light hair colors.

The "piano" hair color trend is similar to the chunky highlights look.

Money piece highlights, chunky highlights, vacation highlights — so many of the current hair trends revolve around highlights, but have you heard of "piano" highlights? The latest hair-color trend to bubble up for fall on social media is similar to the chunky highlights look, but there are subtle differences that set it apart.

"Piano highlights are a throwback making a comeback," Angela Stevens, celebrity hairstylist and Cantu Beauty ambassador, told POPSUGAR. "This style of highlights was really popular in the '90s and shows clear lines between dark and lighter colors, almost in a piano style pattern." It's most commonly done with brunette hair, mixing shades of light brown and blond into the color. The contrast between the colors mimics the white and black keys on a piano, creating a striped effect.

"Piano color is also commonly seen on wefted hair when it's done by a machine [editor's note: weft hair is a collection of extensions connected to a cloth strip]," said Stevens. "When it's done really well, the colors pop." To get inspiration for the piano highlights hair-color trend, keep scrolling.

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article written by Jessica Harrington


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