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Lipgloss nails are about to be everywhere

A new way to do dewy.

There’s no denying that Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails headlined last year. But following from glazed skin, makeup is inspiring the next mani trend. Lipgloss nails are about to be everywhere, and like their glazed lil sister, they’re glossy, glam and delicious. The difference? They’ve skipped the chrome sparkle top coat for something a little more minimal.

What are lipgloss nails?

Before you get visions of sticky fingertips, the trend mimics the plush, sheeny finish of lipgloss applied on lips. It takes your bare nail base and adds a sheer layer of gloss (complete with a hint of pretty pink tint) to create a yummy, fresh finish.

How are lipgloss nails different from glazed donut nails?

They follow a similar pattern to the glazed donut nail, but work more with your natural nails as the base, so it’s generally a little more sheer. Also, while sparkles can feature if you want for some Juicy Tube realness, they should be suspended in the gloss (like in lip gloss) rather than applied on top. Instead, you want to go heavy on top with your gel topcoat to create more of a glossy, jelly-finish.

How can you create lipgloss nails?

Given that your natural nails will be getting more of a starring role, they should be in good order. Make sure they’re buffed, super clean and immaculately filed into shape. But you can fake the effect by adding a couple of extra coats of your sheer tinted topcoat to build up a semi-opaque pink if your nails are a little bashed up. You can go in with your sheer pink colour (we love OPI Bubble Bath, Essie Mademoiselle and Kure Bazaar Rose Milk Glow). You can add a clear gloss with sparkles or a little pearlescence if you fancy, then add two coats of ultra glossy gel topcoat on top (try CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat, Essie Gel Couture Clear Nail Polish or Seche Vite Instant Gel Top Coat).

Here’s 5 ways to wear lipgloss nails…

Baby pink




Short and sweet

Barely blushing

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