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Monochrome Eyeshadow Is One Of Our Fav Looks For Fall

The crisp in the morning air, the smell of pumpkin spice, and the changing of the leaves can only mean one thing — autumn is officially here. With the appearance of fall, it's also time to take stock of our new favorite fall makeup trends. During the hot summer months, eyeshadow might feel a little too heavy to wear on an already sun-soaked face, but as the weather cools, eyeshadow is making a comeback. And this season, instead of the classic multi-shade pallet of the past, beauty gurus, creators, and everyday individuals seem to be taking a monochrome eyeshadow approach.

"It's timeless, elegant, and ageless, and requires minimal skills to execute,"

says celebrity makeup artist Jo Baker when speaking to Vogue on the single-shade eyeshadow look. While the look is seemingly easy to do, it still gets the job done. Whether you're looking for a way to expedite your routine, are a newbie to makeup, or want to try the hottest fall makeup trend, this is a great eyeshadow look for you.

Shining gold

Gold is a classic glowy eyeshadow color that's great for a monochrome eye look. The shade is extremely versatile as it can spice up a basic, everyday look or accentuate an already elevated outfit. Golden eyeshadows are also easy to apply lighter or heavier, which changes the intensity of the look.

The clean girl way

If you've scrolled social media anytime recently, you've probably seen videos of girls doing their "clean girl" makeup routine. In this look, very few makeup products are used, and the products that are used look natural. This makes a single-shade eyeshadow style perfect for this aesthetic. Keep the shadow matte and slightly darker than your skin tone for a natural eye look.

Go dark for a night-out

A night-out eyeshadow look is essential in your makeup rotation. While daytime looks may be more bright and natural, night-out looks are dark and smokey. Black monochrome eyeshadow is a simple look perfect for all your nighttime adventures. If you prefer a less intense eye, you can easily smoke the shadow out with a blending brush.

Orange is the color of fall

Orange is the color of pumpkin, fall leaves, and all things autumn — and it's also our fav eyeshadow look of fall. During the fall season, a monochrome orange eyeshadow blended across the eyelid will give your most basic looks a more festive appeal.

Glossy lids

If you're on the donut skin trend and prefer as glazed of a look as possible, glossy eyeshadow is for you. Liquid, glossy eyeshadow will give the appearance of wet eyelids. It is simple to get this look and maintain its simple appeal by swiping an eye gloss across the eyelids. This will have every part of your face participating in the glazed donut trend.

A dulled-down Y2K look

Classic early aughts blue eyeshadow looks may haunt your nightmares, but a dulled-down version can have you feeling icy in the best way. Wearing a solo light blue eyeshadow blended across your eyelids is a subtle way to still embrace Y2K makeup. We love blue eyeshadow paired with minimal face makeup to give it the chance to truly pop.

Bold and bright

Bright and bold eyes are a statement that will never go out of style. For a sleek and colorful eyeshadow look this fall, swipe your favorite monochrome color across (and even below!) the lid. Whether you're wearing neutral colors and want to liven up your look, or keep the color party going across an already bright 'fit, you can't go wrong with a colorful eye.

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