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Peekaboo Hair Ideas and Trending Styles in 2022

Are you thinking about switching your hair color? How about you consider getting some peekaboo highlights? These are a huge trend at the moment, and it seems like they will stay around for quite some time. Keep on reading and explore different highlights down below that will suit you!

What Is Peekaboo Hair Color?

Peekaboo highlights are called like so for the obvious reason – they are trying to give you that ‘peekaboo’ moment. These are applied underneath the top layer of your hair, and they are not as easy to spot once you wear your hair down. However, once you put it in a ponytail these highlights will be quite visible. They are also easy to spot if you go for a wavy hairstyle. This is why most women prefer getting bright-colored peekaboo highlights – they will look amazing with that pop of color.

Who Should Get Peekaboo Highlights?

Peekaboo highlights can be worn by anyone! You can go for a dramatic neon color that is party-perfect, or you can go for a light beige or blonde if you are a minimalistic person. Natural & more neutral colors are office-friendly and perfect for women who can’t do a dramatic change with their hair at work.

What Are The Best Colors For Peekaboo Highlights?

The choice is up to you! There are no strict rules since it is your hair, meaning that you can do anything you want to it. Consider going for red, bright orange, hot pink, blue, green, or yellow (try to make it pop if that’s your preferred style).

1. Dark Brown Hair With Pink Highlights

Rock your dark brown hair with these light pink highlights!

2. Dark Pink Hair With Light Pink Highlights

If your hair is already dark pink; why not freshen it up a little with some light pink highlights?

3. Orange Base Pink Peekaboo Highlights

You’re going to love this look for the summer season!

4.Wavy Hair Purple Peekaboo Highlights

If you are a fan of loose curls you can easily pull off this duo.

5.Dark Brown Hair With Green Hue

Dark green or emerald green is a popular go-to color choice since it is so chic & fashion-forward!

6. Straight Bob With Red Peekaboo Highlights

You can add a pop of color at the front of your hairstyle as well, it is a must for younger girls!

7. Brown Roots Silver Highlights

Look fancy everywhere you go with this silver outcome!

Which Hairstyle Was Your Favorite?

In the end, which one hairstyle is a must-have in your opinion? Let us know your top pick when it comes to these 50 hairdos, we would love to know your favorite.

Wanna try peek a boo for your new hair? Check The Shampoo Lounge. The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our hair color galleries on our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in #tslhaircoloring

article written by Ajla Suceska for shorthairstyles

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