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See How All Of Your Favorite It Girls Style A Low Bun in 2024

The days of the messy bun are finally over, ushering in the era of the effortlessly elegant low bun.

You heard it here first: the low bun is making a comeback in 2024. Although the high messy bun has reigned among the top bun hairstyles for women for years, our favorite celebrities and style icons have proved that the low bun hairstyle is emerging this year as one of the trendiest looks of the season.

At the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, Selena Gomez strode down the red carpet sporting the ultimate croisette-core look, which she finished off with a slicked-back low bun and a few statement clips.

Whether you associate the low bun with lazy day hair looks or elegant old Hollywood movie stars of the past, we're here to put you on to a few of the best bun hairstyles for women. Join L'OFFICIEL as we explore all the ways to style a low bun, whether you're searching for an ultra-sleek ballerina-style bun or an effortlessly chic messy variant on the look.

Messy Low Bun

Taylor Swift wearing a low bun. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

If you have bangs, opt for the messy low bun as your go-to. Instead of slicking your curtain bangs or ultra-chic French girl bangs back, let them shine in one of the most effortless-looking bun hairstyles for women. Luckily, this low bun hairstyle also happens to be one of the most fuss-free options, so all you truly need is five minutes in front of a mirror and a hair tie of choice, and you're all set. To achieve the Taylor Swift low bun look, be sure not to tie your bun too tight and pull a few loose strands out for the artfully tousled look favored by the pop star.

Slicked Back Low Bun

Hailey Bieber wearing a low bun. Photos courtesy of Getty Images.

Take it from the queen of slicked-back hair looks and the ultimate It girl, the slicked-back low bun is a hairstyle you'll want to return to time and time again after giving it a shot. Whether you opt to go for a clean girl look à la Hailey Bieber or go more grungy with your beauty look, this low bun look is wildly versatile and one of the easiest bun hairstyles for women to achieve. Grab a comb, your hair gel of choice, and a hair wax stick—perfect for dealing with flyaways or layers that won't stay down no matter what—part your hair, and pull your hair into a low bun.

While it's incredibly trendy at the moment, it's also the perfect hairstyle for providing the illusion of time and effort spent on your hair—ideal for those days when you just don't feel like pulling out all the stops.

Retro-Style Low Bun

Lily James wearing a low bun at the 2024 Met Gala. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

For your next cocktail party or more formal event, let your hair have a moment as the star of the show with a retro-inspired low bun look. This '60s-inspired hairstyle adds a touch of elegance reminiscent of Hollywood movie star glamour that works to elevate any look.

Although this is among the bun hairstyles for women that require a bit more work, you'll be glad to put in the time once you're swimming in compliments at your event. Begin by brushing all of your hair out of your face and separating your hair into two adjacent ponytails. Then, wrap both ponytails into a spiral and secure them in a bun with a few of your favorite bobby pins. Be sure to finish off your look and apply mousse or hairspray to secure your hairstyle.

Low Bun for Short Hair

Charlize Theron at the 2024 Oscar Awards. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

If you're a short hair girly, don't fret—the low bun trend is for everyone. Whether you opt to slick your hair back like Charlize Theron—who proved at the 2024 Academy Awards that even the shortest bobs can be transformed into the low bun of your dreams—or leave a few face-framing strands out in the front, all you truly need to do with this look is brush your hair back and secure it in a hair tie, making it one of the easiest bun hairstyles for women.

While you may not have the full, voluminous look that someone with longer locks may sport, the looped low bun is a playful, fun way to switch up your hair from time to time.

Wet Hair Low Bun

Zendaya wearing a low bun at a 2024 premiere of 'Dune Part 2.' Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Adjacent to the slicked-back bun, the wet hair low bun has taken over the runways and the red carpet alike, and made headlines recently after Zendaya donned the hairstyle to a flashy red carpet premiere of Dune Part 2. Grab plenty of your favorite hair gel and pull your hair back into a messy low bun to achieve the effortlessly artful hairstyle. Unlike a classic slick-back, neatness is not the priority, so feel free to pull out a few gel-laden strands to emphasize the full wet hair effect.

Spiky Low Bun

Emily Ratajkowski wearing a low bun at the 2024 Met Gala. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

The recent '90s and Y2K craze has left Gen-Z obsessed with the spiky bun, and Emily Ratajkowski made a statement on the 2024 Met Gala red carpet with this low bun that tiptoes the line between edgy and elegant. For women with layers, this look couldn't be easier to achieve. After you've pulled your hair back into a low bun, pull out a few short strands and apply gel or hair wax to get that structured look, and you'll be ready to sport the ultimate cool girl hairstyle of the early aughts.

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