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TOP Short Hairstyles: Sexy Side Cuts, French Bob Variations, and Quirky Pixies

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Short hairstyles always reign supreme. If you’re in the mood to loosen up weighty hair and expose the neck, then this article is what you need. It’s time to explore short side-swept bobs, French bobs with a twist, sophisticated side cuts and blunt cuts with even bolder bangs.

This article is so packed with inspiration that you will book your haircut session before you’ve finished reading.

Hottest Super-short Hairstyles

This short blonde haircut resembles baby bath hair. Yet, when it’s executed with elegance, the result is full-on glam. Don’t be afraid to go super short to accentuate your pretty-as-a picture facial features. If you adore experimenting with makeup, the open face will be a creative smorgasbord. Simple to style and suitable for all hair types – what’s not to like?

Can a mullet shag go short? According to this micro-mullet haircut, it definitely can. Think of leaving longer tousled ends and short fringe. The ultimate freestyler for curly and wavy hair in 2022, introducing the wet look renaissance.

Cropped, chopped, and ready to rule 2022 in a tomboy style. Remember the short haircuts for boys in the 50s? This is it, but with an extra dose of subtle thinning to soften the style and add femininity.

Flaunt that beautiful nape with a buzzcut hairstyle. It consists of an undercut and a flowy half-bob in the shortest possible variant.

Long fluffy curls at the top and a short hairstyle let your fab glasses and ear ornaments do the talking. Mind you, curly hair requires skilled hands and dedicated maintenance.

If you are looking to inflate the impact of a prim and proper pixie, this stunning platinum blonde is a game-changer. It is not too ashy, beige, or golden, but an authentic classic Hollywood hair colour that never goes out of style.

Trademark Pixies

This pink bixie (a length somewhere in-between bob and pixie) can be transformed to any vibrant colour with the right semi-permanent dye. The main point is to cut and style curtain bangs and texturise ends. Excellent for round and heart-shaped faces.

Here is another striking pixie with a badass vibe that requires haircut mastery to shape to your face. Make sure you raise the hotness factor a notch by adding dimensions with fire layers. The secret is to create soft colour transitions, not balayage or radical layering: the middle way is the best way to suit the dishevelled look.

Nothing but pixies? An asymmetrical “bixie” with a side part complements all face shapes. Don’t let the shape get lost in straight styling. Use a hot styling wand to curve the ends, and add an ounce of playfulness to a gorgeous smile.

We’re used to most hairstyles happening at the back, leaving the face open. But this pixie with textured bangs turns the tables the other way round. The drama is all in the front, and the supercool lilac toner makes this a true trendsetter among the short hairstyles in 2022.

You either love it or hate it. The (in)famous mullet is back in style in the last few years and goes strong this year, too. And if you want to carry an eccentric length that is neither short nor long, then a wolf cut mullet will do the trick for you. Thanks to the preppy bangs, this short hairstyle finds order in unexpected places.

A heart-shaped face will benefit from hair framing the face, caressing the cheeks and flirting with the forehead. The best bit about this particular pixie haircut is that you can style it in many different ways, and even add romantic hair accessories.

Looking back a century ago, the 1920s were a glamourous and fun era. Even if you’re serious-minded, there is no reason not to add some fun with a short bob with bangs that resembles 20s hairstyles. Tuck it in place with an elegant pearly pin.

For a rectangular or oval-shaped face, going for Natalie Portman’s look in “Leon The Professional” is an effective way to balance out proportions. A sexy style that won’t weigh you down with high-maintenance styling techniques.

French Bob: The Absolute Champion

The shortest of short bobs ideally frame a face, placing focus on the eyes. On the downside, it needs a new appointment to remain in perfect shape every two weeks. On the upside, no one will notice forehead wrinkles and fine lines, if you have any. Add highlights to create volume and texture.

It is not exactly a French bob, but this mid-cheek haircut can do wonders for thin hair on a round-shaped face.

The textured bob is not forgotten. But for 2022, it comes in a shorter version, barely brushing the neck with tapered layers. If you’ve never tried a short hairstyle, this is a safe bet. It is simple and easy to style for short-hair newbies.

When your hair is long to your waist, a classic bob haircut can be as short as you go without feeling bare. A side part with understated brown highlights is enough to capture attention and your friends’ compliments for making such a bold change.

Curls, bangs, a bob and copper red hair? A beautiful and liberating short hairstyle to let your gorgeous curls speak volumes!

The important bit for this short bob is to get a good haircut. Then you can use all the imagination you have to venture into diversifying it with vivid colours. Intense red, caramel, and yellow gold aren’t your only options.

The Chanel haircut is timeless and elegant. Spice it up and bring it up to date with the current fashion trends for white suits and underwear as outerwear.

The classiest and smartest short haircut you can pull off for 2022 – the asymmetrical bob can make all the difference with appropriately chosen styling products for volume and a good blow-dry.

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