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Switch Up Your Hair Color with These Inspirational Pink Hair Ideas

Check out 10 shades of pink hair color to inspire you.

Shades of pink hair aren’t just for rock stars and models anymore. Pink hair has reached our mainstream culture as women all over try different shades of this adventurous hue. The beauty of pink hair is that anyone can try it since there are a variety of shades and options that work for everyone. You might be considering dabbling in pastel pink hair or going for a whole head of hot pink hair color for an all-over effect. Check out our guide on pink hair color ideas.

Pink Hair Color Ideas

Whatever pink hair color ideas you gravitate towards, you’ll need equally incredible pink hairstyles to showcase your new shade of bold hair color. Check out some bold and fun pink hair ideas to inspire you:

1. Blown Out Pixie

Give your fresh pink hair a new volume level by blow-drying your strands with your head upside down. This will ensure that each strand dries moving away from the scalp rather than flat against it, ensuring you have loads of volume at your roots.

2. Rooted Medium Pink Lob

Get in on the pink hair trend without sacrificing your natural base color by opting for a heavily rooted look. We love how edgy and cool this straight lob looks. This style also is a typical pattern that can be found when searching for pink wigs if you genuinely do not want to change your actual hair color.

3. Edgy Ombré

Give your classic ombré look an edgy upgrade by dying the bottom half a vibrant shade of pink. We love this alternative to a classic ombré style and have a feeling it will be on-trend for seasons to come.

4. Teeny Tiny Highlights

If dyeing your whole head of hair bright pink feels like a big commitment, you’ll want to consider this scattered highlighted look. These shades of pink and light caramel blend together to create a slightly more subtle yet spectacular pink hairstyle.

5. Multi-Colored Curls

Blend your new pink hair with shades of blonde and brown for a blended look. Use your curling iron to create effortless curls

6. Micro Bangs

Adding micro bangs into the mix adds even more attention to your new hue. If you’re ready to take your hair to another level, you can also add an undercut. As this style grows out, it will also create a cool layered effect, especially if you decide to touch up the color regularly.

7. Magenta

Take your look a shade darker with this bold shade of magenta hair color. When opting for a bright shade of hair color like this one, you’ll want to make sure that you use hair products that will protect and enhance your color.

8. Pastel Shades

We love how seamlessly different shades of pastel hair color blend together. The transition from blue to pink seamlessly in this beautiful style. This is the perfect style when switching to spring or summer!

9. Light Pink Ends

Lighten up the ends of your style for an easy and carefree way to try pink hair without committing all your strands to the cause. This style makes it easier to switch to other colors as you please without the extra trouble of having to re-dye your whole mane.

10. Choppy Layers

Take the edge factor up by pairing your pink hair with a short and choppy haircut. Spice things up with bangs and layers that help to make your look all the more worthwhile!

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Article taken from all things hair


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