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The 5 Best Summer Hair Trends You’re About to See Everywhere

Go BIG or go home.

Rihanna went pink, then blonde. Bob hairstyles are having a renaissance, as are side parts. And while we’re speaking of renaissance, Beyoncé traded her disco ball for chaps and debuted air-grazing hair to match. New colors, shorter cuts, or voluminous tresses can only signal one thing: a summer hair transformation is upon us.

Summer is the season of experimental beauty, whether dabbling in the season’s hottest makeup trends—top contenders include orange cheeks and iridescent skin—or taking the plunge to give your hair a completely new hairdo. Last summer, slicked-back buns sent timelines in a tizzy, a hallmark of the “quiet luxury” trend that ruled the warm season. This year, everyone’s doing their best “mob wife” impression—think fluffy, “old money” bobs—experimenting with vibrant colors à la Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, or simply amping up the volume as loud as I did playing Cowboy Carter for the first time.

If your summer mood board could use some inspiration, eagle eyes at found the best hair trends you’ll see everywhere this summer. After lengthy research (and an even lengthier scroll through Instagram’s Explore Page) with help from hair experts, we compiled a thorough list of the five best looks to inspire your impending transformation.

Bob the Builder

The quickest way to ruin a mood is feeling pieces of hair sticking to your neck and shoulder in the dead of the summer’s sweltering heat. If a shorter haircut has taken residence in your mind or Instagram bookmarks for some time, a bob might be the happy medium you’re searching for.

“Blunt bobs and ‘old money’ bobs are everywhere. These bobs are classic styles with a timeless look. These cuts are popular, as they are suitable for most face shapes; they can be styled in multiple ways, [from] blown out with volume to create more of a sophisticated look as well as straight and sleek and also with a slight wave, making them versatile,” says celebrity hairstylist Jennifer Korab.

If a sleeker style is what you wish for, celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith suggests updating the bob with flipped ends or even adding dimension with layers. “A bob with minimal layers, with or without a fringe/bang, flipped out at the ends, either with perfect precision or a more undone texture. The silhouette is inspired by the shape of a bell or the flared cut of bell-bottom jeans. The bob is slim to the head nearer the parting and flares out with volume at the ends,” he explains. “Gently pre-dry the roots of your hair in a downward motion, then use a small round brush with the help of a styling mousse or Evo’s Icon Welder Heat Protection Spray to flick out the ends.”

Pick a Side

The best thing about a side part is that it looks sophisticated and chic no matter what style you opt for. “Following the popularity of side partings, this deep side fringe can be achieved without necessarily cutting your hair; it frames the face beautifully and gives a refined look to almost any hairstyle. For Zendaya’s sporty iteration of the style, the star lightened her locks to a soft, honey-blonde color and added layered waves that rested on her shoulder. In contrast, Selena Gomez’s version had sleeker, uniformed waves.

“First, create a side parting and then take the front section separately from the rest, spray some of theMiss Malleable Flexible Hairspray, and brush it to position it carefully. Let it fall across your forehead, then secure it in place either by tucking it behind your ear, using a hair clip or accessory, and finish with another mist of hairspray. For a softer look, use a straightening iron to bend the hair into place with a curve and set with hairspray—no pins required,” Smith shares.

Poppin’ Pink

“I think pink hair is making a comeback because the girlies are ready to stand out,” says celebrity hairstylist and Dark and Lovely ambassador Dhairius Thomas. Even if you didn’t attend Nicki Minaj’s Gag City tour, dyeing your hair pink or adding highlights is an easy way to join the pink bandwagon. In May, Rihanna debuted her powder, pastel-pink hair with light layers and a deep side part. Going back even further, Kylie kicked off 2024 by returning to her “King Kylie” pink hair, touseled and tossed to one side with choppy layers.

“Pink hair and wigs are nothing new, but they are really fun to see when done correctly. I’m obsessed with Rihanna’s latest pink look, and I love it anytime Nicki Minaj wears pink hair. Pink is already such a vibrant color, so I see how a full head of pink can seem intimidating to try. However, highlights or clip-ins are great alternatives,” Thomas offers. Nevertheless, there are some cons.

“The problem with this look is that it’s super high maintenance due to the upkeep required to keep this highly pigmented color looking fresh,” says Michelle Cleveland, celebrity hairstylist and Wella ambassador. “The key to color upkeep is to use color-protecting and sulfate-free shampoos, as well as a color-pigmented conditioning mask weekly to refresh the color between salon visits,” she adds. Jackson says to “use a heat shield to protect your hair and preserve your color. Do not leave the heat on colored hair too long; the tool must always be in motion to avoid disrupting the color.”

French Twist

Yes, the style from your junior prom is chic again. If you don’t believe us, allow Jennifer Lopez, Keke Palmer, and Dove Camron to show you how it’s done. “The French twist is very popular for summer 2024 and this modern take on a classic look is very chic and elegant. We are seeing this look from the red carpet to a daytime beach vibe. This style can be sleek, smooth, and very tousled and textured,” says Korab. Lopez opted to pull every piece of her hair back into a twisted top knot; Palmer and Cameron’s version demonstrated the playful side of the look, adding pieces of hair to create various bang styles. Add accessories, like a claw clip, “for easy styling and a more casual look,” she adds.

Big Hair

Everything’s bigger in Texas, so it makes sense that Beyoncé’s latest cowgirl hair era features gravity-defying, voluminous hair. In her Super Bowl ad, we got the first taste of her fluffy, larger-than-life tresses, where layered blonde loose waves fell along her face and shoulders. “This look is a complete contrast from last year’s perfectly polished and sleek hair trends. Whether it’s from adding extensions or getting a pageant-worthy blowout, 2024 will be the year for all things big and fabulous!!! Beyoncé demonstrated this look when she was spotted at this year’s Super Bowl,” Cleveland explains.

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Article written by Nerisha Penrose for Elle

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