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The Benefits of an Anti-Aging Facial

Anti-Aging Facial Advantages

If you’ve ever had an anti-aging facial, you’ll know that there comes a point, about halfway through your treatment, that you’re lulled into a deep sense of relaxation. At this point, your mind and body seem to drift off into another world all the while your skin reaps the countless benefits of receiving a specialized facial. It’s a win-win really. Here’s all you need to know about these incredible facials and the benefits of getting one.

What is an Anti-aging Facial?

As the name suggests, an anti-aging facial is aimed at reducing the signs of aging by targeting mature, dry or damaged skin. Using specialized techniques as well as quality products and ingredients, these facials are designed to help your skin look brighter, tighter and healthier after the first treatment.

What are the Benefits of an Anti-aging Facial?

1. It Moisturizes Dehydrated Skin

As you age, your skin becomes dry and rough; there are many reasons for this including sun damage, reduced cell reduction and a loss of hormones. Whatever the cause, dry skin causes wrinkles and fine lines which is why it is so important to receive proper moisturizing treatments. Anti-aging facials include the application of emollient-rich moisturizes which increase the moisture level of your skin and ultimately leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

2. It slows Down the Aging Process

Most anti-aging facials, like the ones offered at Face Emergency Skin Care, are designed to restore firmness, brightness and youthfulness to the skin. Using collagen serums, sensi peels and in some cases, glycolic acid treatments, your skin starts to restore and heal from sun damage and other forms of hyperpigmentation.

3. It improves Circulation

Using a combination of gentle exfoliation scrubs and pressure techniques, fresh, oxygenated blood is circulated through the skin’s surface. This oxygen-rich blood is full of rejuvenating nutrients which aid in improving the efficiency and health of your skin cells. And with rejuvenated skin cells comes fresh, younger looking skin. Simple, isn’t it?

4. It improves Elasticity

Your skin is perhaps one of the most important organs in your body. It acts as a protective shield ensuring that your body is protected from harsh environmental elements. Unfortunately, by fending off sun damage and other irritants, your skin becomes tired over time and it begins to lose its elasticity. Fortunately, good quality anti-aging treatments reboot the production of collagen and elastin. By stimulating these natural plumping agents, the quality of your skin starts to improve almost immediately due to the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin.

At Face Emergency Skin Care we treat each of our customers according to their unique skin type to ensure optimum anti-aging benefits. Using a range of products and unique techniques, our skilled skin care specialists will ensure that you leave feeling refreshed and, more importantly, that your skin feels and looks rejuvenated, energized and youthful. We think like the Skin!

Do you want to experience Anti-Aging Facial and looks beautiful? We've got you covered! The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in.


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