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The Best Hair-Accessory Trends For 2021

Are All Oversize — Just Wait Until You See Them Stacked


Stacked Clips and Bobby Pins

"Like stacking rings, stacking accessories will be a huge trend for 2021," Rosenkranz said. "What I love about this trend is that it allows for a lot of creative expression. There are endless different accessories to play with that work for this trend so you can make it completely your own and fit your individual style and mood."

There's no such thing as overdoing it when it comes to this trend — incorporate as many pearl barrettes, rhinestone snap clips, butterfly clips, and bobby pins as your heart wants.


Chunky Headbands

There's a lot to love about headbands: they effortlessly conceal a bad hair day, keep your hair out of your face, and make you look put together instantly. "When you want to dress up your look in a flash, an oversized headband is the go-to accessory for you," Polko said. "I always love a Zoom statement headband that can transform my hair look in a matter of seconds."

It's the only accessory that looks equally as good with your meeting attire as it does with your Sunday afternoon sweats. "For the first half of the year, while we're still living that pandemic life, I'm predicting we'll be all about whatever feels cozy and low effort," celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess said.


Jumbo Scrunchies

The pros all agree that jumbo scrunchies will reign supreme in 2021. "With this trend, we'll see more of oversized accessories — extralarge scrunchies in decadent, lush, or unconventional fabrics," Rosenkranz said. Polko noted that we'll see an uptick in long bows and embellished styles, too.

No surprise here, but it all comes down to comfort. "We're all looking for ways to play up our 'cozy,' chic hair looks," Polko said. Ess added that they're "easy to pop in, easy to take out for a Zoom call." What more could you want?

Article written by Jessica Harrington for Pop Sugar


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