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The Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone, According to a Korean Hairstylist

Your hair color has a bigger effect on your overall vibe than you think. We'd actually argue that it leaves as strong an impact as your makeup and outfit. So when choosing what dye job to get, you should definitely consider critical details like, say, if the shade you want goes well with your complexion. In case you haven't decided though, here are options recommended by Korean hairdresser Cha Hong, grouped according to different skin tones:

Best Hair Colors for Fair Skin

1. Bambi Brown

Inspired by the color of Bambi (a.k.a. the Disney cartoon character), Cha Hong says this color has a good mix of warm and cool tones that can make fair skin look more vibrant and fresh.

2. Peach Brown

For the hairdresser, the strong pink hues on a peach brown color will help get rid of that sickly look on light skin tones. That said, she warns that it will also highlight any redness on your face.

3. Tangerine Brown

This brownish-orange color will "make you look fresh and dewy as if you bronzed your face," says Cha Hong. It's a popular shade among Asians for a reason, and will work best for fair-skinned people with warm undertones!

Best Hair Colors for Warm, Yellow-Toned Skin

1. Skin Brown

The term "skin brown" might sound a little odd, but it refers to a brown color with ashy tones that'll give a nice contrast to your complexion's naturally warm hues.

2. Plum Brown

This purplish color will neutralize the warm tones on your skin. According to Cha Hong, it's a memorable shade that everyone should try at least once.

3. Midnight Blue

A unique, cool-toned hair color like midnight blue will give a flattering contrast against warm-toned skin and achieve a "calm and classy" vibe. Do take note though that this color requires bleaching!

Best Hair Colors for Dark/Tan Skin

1. Baby Brown

Cha Hong says that the beauty of baby brown is that it can suit any skin tone. That said, it complements tan skin well because it livens up the tones of your complexion and makes you look healthier!

2. Sand Beige

This "clean sand" shade is a type of light brown that's been neutralized with yellow hues. If you're looking for a more dramatic change from your natural color, this is one to consider!

Bonus: Best Hair Colors for Flushed/Acne-Prone Skin

1. Skin Brown

As mentioned above, this is a brown color with ashy tones. The hairdresser notes that this is great for those with troubled skin because the neutral tone prevents it from highlighting redness on your complexion.

2. Olive Brown

An olive brown hue has a greenish tint to it that neutralizes the natural redness in Asian hair. It helps take attention away from facial redness, too—like a color corrector, but for your locks!

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