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The Hottest Haircut of 2024 Looks Sexy on Both 20 and 70-Year-Olds Alike

2024’s hottest haircut has been dubbed the “Nirvana.” The red carpet has been filled with examples of the cut, which is defined by its length (it meets the shoulder or collarbone) and blunt cut finish. The style is nothing but relaxed, super cool and slightly disheveled–think Kurt Cobain, but 30 years later, which is where the haircut gets its name from.

Sydney Sweeney is the latest celebrity to chop her hair off, debuting her new Cobain-inspired midi-bob on the front row in Milan–from the grungey texture to piecey ends, the style could have been lifted straight out of band practice. Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone and Isabelle Huppert are also fans (or should we say groupies?) of the hairstyle.

“We love this cut,” says stylist Maria Baras, who explains that mid-length chops like these have always been popular. In her salon, Cheska, clients ask for it on a regular basis. “It’s perfect for those who want a change, but don’t want to cut their hair too short.”

Another reason the Nirvana haircut is so popular? “It’s incredibly versatile because it suits lots of different face shapes and can be easily adapted when styled. It looks good with different partings, great with a side-swept bangs and has the advantage of length, meaning you can tie it up in a ponytail when you’re exercising or trying a different look,” explains Baras. Whether you’re 20 (like Sweeney) or 70 (like Huppert), the Nirvana haircut suits all ages–we’re obsessed.

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Article written by Ana Morales for Vogue

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