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The Perfect Brushes For Every Hair Type

The right hair brush can be a total gamechanger!

To get perfect hair, you need the perfect brush! Here's a handy guide to the most common types of brushes on the market, plus when to use each one.

1. Detangling Brush

Specifically designed for detangling in the shower, this brush is perfect for those who have hair that just doesn't cooperate. A detangling brush won't pull, tug or snag your wet hair. Bonus: the handle is designed so it won't slip out of your hand in the shower!

2. Cushion Brush

If your hair is prone to static and frizz, a cushion brush might just be your fix. The nylon pins and rubber pad are essential for combating static and making your hair look silky smooth. Plus, if you prefer not to use a round brush to blow dry your hair, this flat one works great for styling!

3. Thermal Brush

You LOVE your post-blowout hair, but don't have the time and energy to use your round brush and hair dryer everyday. Enter all-in-one heated brushes. This styling tool will give you a quick, voluminous blowout, minus all the products.

4. Nylon Bristle Brush

Usually made from nylon, synthetic bristles are best for super thick hair types. They don't create as much static as natural versions, like boar. Plus the stiffer bristles make for easier detangling.

5. Curved Brush

Though not as common as other brush types, a curved brush is great for evenly distributing your hair's oils from the scalp down to your ends. This particular brush is also vented, which makes it ideal for drying your hair faster.

6. Tiny Boar Bristle Brush

If you have baby hairs and flyaways that are basically impossible to tame, try a mini brush/comb duo. This one has a boar bristle brush and fine-tooth comb to touch up those irritating pieces!

7. Natural Bristle Brush

This brush is pretty pricey, but its healthy hair benefits make it worth saving up for. Usually made of boar bristles, natural bristle brushes are super soft and help to distribute your hair's natural oils all the way to the ends, which makes for some seriously shiny strands! Though anyone can use a natural bristle brush, girls with fine, straight hair or relaxed locks will especially fall in love, since they're gentle on delicate strands.

8. Mixed Bristle Brush

To get the perfect combo of a boar bristle's shiny hair benefits plus a synthetic's detangling powers, go for a mixed bristle brush! These are the most popular type for hair stylists, since they're so good at doing everything and work well on everyone's hair.

9. Paddle Brush

This is your basic go-to for an everyday brush, but it also makes for an awesome blow out. It doesn't create a ton of volume, but helps flatten out frizz for tons of shine

10. Vented Brush

The vents in these types of brushes help speed up your drying time, since the heat from your blow dryer can reach your strands from all angles. Since you're spending less time blasting your hair with hot air, this also helps prevent heat damage! Pro tip: Always make sure to dry your hair to 80 percent (so it looks dry but feels wet) before you pick up a brush, since wet hair is more prone to breakage.

11. Round Brush

If you want a blowout with major volume and a little bit of curl, use a round brush! They come in tons of different sizes — the smaller the brush, the tighter the curl. Try blasting the section of hair with cold air before you take out the brush, since this will help set the style.

12. Teasing Brush

This brush is for — you guessed it — teasing! Purposely creating those little knots in your hair when you want extra volume in your updos isn't great for your locks, but a proper teasing brush with boar bristles is less harsh than a comb, which can break fragile hair.

13. Rattail Comb

The long handle on this type of comb makes sectioning hair to create cool braids or a flawless curl set a total breeze! Plus, the fine teeth of the comb are great for smoothing out any cowlicks and bumps in your style.

14. Wide Tooth Comb

When your hair is sopping wet from the shower, the last thing you want to do is go at it with your usual hairbrush. The bristles will pull and stretch out your strands, making them weak and easily broken! Instead, go for a wide tooth comb — it detangles knots without tearing at your hair.

15. Wet Brush

If you don't love the way a comb tugs at your scalp, you can use a brush on wet hair — as long as it's specifically designed for soaked strands. This one has bristles almost as stiff as a comb, so it won't pull as much as a traditional paddle brush.

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article written by Kara McGrath And Yerin Kim for Seventeen


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