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The Prettiest Rose Gold Hair Colors

Sunset blonde strands are here to stay.

In the same way that a rosy flush warms up washed-out cheekbones, soft rose gold highlights can heat up the hair as well. "Natural rose gold tones can richen dull blonde color, bringing out a glow in warm skin and a blush to paler complexions with yellow undertones," explains Rona O'Connor, Blake Lively's longtime colorist and a fan of the trend. Although best achieved on flaxen strands, bronzy brunettes (once pre-bleached) can certainly wear it, too. "The pink tends to be on the cool side whereas the blonde is more gold, so that's why it works well on a variety of skin tones," adds Stephanie Brown, a colorist at the Nunzio Saviano salon in New York City. The key to keeping golden pink sophisticated (and office appropriate) is to make it appear seamless. That means subtle and blended—no streaks or stripes. "I like rose gold as an all-over tone that grabs onto highlights or ombré, rather than putting in ribbons of color," Brown suggests. Here, our edit of eight celebrities who got rose gold right.

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller shows off her rock n' roll side with a rose gold hue heavier at the crown. "It brightens up her face to the point where she needs minimal makeup," says Brown.


Ultra-subtle peachy undertones make Eve's blonde waves look spectacularly shiny.

Lady Gaga

The singer hits the red carpet with a rainbow blonde infusion of pink, peach, and gold. "This is an enhanced rose gold that's rather edgy," says O'Connor


She may be known for her bold candy-esque haircolors, but Halsey's pink-champagne shade is a subtle entry-point for the less technicolor-inclined.

Blake Lively

Rose gold with apricot tones is perfect for warm neutral skin tones. "This is a true rose gold color—closely inspired by the metal itself," notes O'Connor who created the look on Lively.

Jemima Kirke

The raspberry tone of Jemima Kirke's pink highlights blends beautifully with her cooler shade of blonde.

January Jones

January Jones adds soft pink to her side-swept fringe creating dimension on platinum locks. "It breaks up a solid hue with a flattering pop of color," Brown says.

Irene Kim

Irene Kim makes a case for changing the phrase to "pretty in peach."

Kylie Jenner

Color chameleon Kylie Jenner takes rose gold for an icy twist that gets lighter toward her ends.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj pulls off a picture-perfect split image with this 50/50 rose gold and blonde look.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson's soft rose gold glow provides an all-over tone that's "work appropriate and wearable everyday," says Brown.

Sophie Turner

Play up the rocker-cool factor of rose gold hair with lightly scrunched, not-quite-beachy texture like Sophie Turner.

Rita Ora

This sleek bob adds a touch of elegance to Rita Ora's edgy peachy pink shade. "It's a more extreme version, but the soft pastel tone makes it modern," Brown adds.

Poppy Delevingne

Platinum with the slightest hint of pink is fashion-world approved thanks to Poppy Delevingne.

Kirsten Dunst

When your complexion is fair and neutral like Kirsten Dunst, a rose gold effect is best achieved by way of feminine golden peach highlights.

Tempted to try the rose gold hair trend?

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article written by Lauren Hubbard and Jessica Prince Erlich for harper bazaar

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