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This 22 Glossy Plum Hair Color Is Taking Over Our Instagram Feeds

The loveliest shade between violet and burgundy.

We have a prediction, or rather, an observation. There's a moody hue in the purple color family that is outpacing the icy heads of lavender in our social feeds, and we're here to call it out: Plum hair color is taking over.

Plum can be deep and rich in its burgundy-red shades. and it can also give a solid punch of vibrancy with its violet and purple tones. The combination of both cool and warm colors gives off a very natural (and at times neutral) appearance. For a not-so-natural hair color, plum can have an extremely natural feel (especially on darker strands), which is part of the reason this color trend is rising to the top. Keep reading for a list of our favorite plum hair color inspiration right now.

1. Play It Cool

This blend of plum sits on the cool side of the color spectrum. With only a hint of rich, red hues in the mix, this photo is a great color reference if you're ready to explore the plum color palette but don't want any warmth to be pulled out of your strands. With a few snowflakes added into the mix, we're totally here for this cool and cozy hair moment.

2. The Braided Bunch

These braids hold a combination of magenta and deep purple shades woven into them. When these two colors mix together, you have the perfect blend of plum, so we're totally coveting this look.

3. Eggplant Ombré

Plum, particularly this shade of eggplant plum, is a great option for extremely dark brunettes interested in trying ombré. Plum's depth of color makes for a more seamless gradient on naturally dark base colors, meaning you can minimize the potentially damaging bleach associated with ombré's commonly blonde ends.

4. Color Compatibility

No matter how light or dark your complexion, plum is a color that's compatible with all skin tones. The contrasted pop against bright eye colors is too major. We're totally lost in Ella Purnell's gaze. Or is it just the hair crush happening? Too hard to decipher.

5. Natural Applications

This is a color application that we typically see on lightened hair. The reason for brighter face-framing pieces is that it opens things up around the face, and that's what happens to hair that naturally lightens on its own, which makes this application appear very natural. Get plum color on your highlights as they grow out, or add in some extensions to create a temporary look for a special event.

6. Highlights and Lowlights

This marbled mix of burgundy highlights and plum-colored lowlights is adding so much dimension to this lob. Even though it's sleek and straight, the highlights and lowlights add the illusion of movement without a hair moving out of place. If you're loving this color and cut combo, be sure to stop by our list of A-line haircut inspiration before your next salon visit.

7. Plum-Tinted Ponytail

We all know Cardi B will sport a wig of almost any length and color, so it's no surprise to find her wearing an extra-long plum ponytail, with the nails and handbag to match, no less.

8. Balayage Blend

If you previously went lighter and are looking to grow it out, spice up your transition by having your stylist apply plum color to the bleached parts as your darker roots start to grow out. A balayage technique makes for a seamless look that feels intentional and perfect for fall and winter.

9. The Lavender Alternative

This smoky plum hue is a mood we can get behind. Lavender has been trending on the color scene for years now, but make way for its moody alternative—this clouded shade of plum is a soft yet rich pop of color that's beautifully suited to brighten up darker base colors. Lighter base colors may have a harder time achieving such a smokey, cool tone because they have a tendency to pull out the brighter components to a color like plum.

10. Gloss and Grit

To keep your color bold and your strands shiny, go in between your regularly scheduled color appointments to get a gloss treatment. It's a quick process that takes place at the shampoo bowl and will have your hair looking like it got a full-on makeover. But when you're fresh out of your salon touch-up, add a little grit back into your hair by way of some dry texture spray or sea salt spray. The added, gritty texture will help things hold instead of slip, so you can tie half your silky strands up into a knotted 'do without it unraveling.