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This Is The Worst Mistake You Can Make When Washing Your Hair : It’s Causing Fallout!

Healthy hair is dependent on a number of factors, from how frequently you wash it to how often you get it trimmed. While you should not be washing your hair every day even if you struggle with oily roots, there is an even more pressing mistake that you could be making when you cleanse your hair. To ensure your healthiest locks, a hair expert weighs in on the one thing you need to stop doing when you wash your hair–and how often it should actually be cleaned.

The worst mistake you could be making when you wash your hair is not combing it out before your shower. DreamGirls founders Tonya Thompson and Sharie Wilson explain, “Regardless of your hair type, this will cause your hair to tangle and matte up, which can cause damage to your hair, lead to breakage and shedding more than necessary in the shower.” If you find yourself avoiding a good brush out before the shower because the tangles hurt your head, Thompson and Wilson recommend the TLC Comb-Out Treatment to make it a little easier.

Aside from skimping on brushing, you may also be doing damage if you’re washing your hair too frequently. Thompson and Wilson explain, “Everyone’s hair is different. Some can wash every other day and others every two weeks, which depends on factors such as the texture, sebum buildup, etc. However, generally it’s healthier for your hair to put washing off, the longer you wait the better! Excessive washing can lead to dryness.”

If you struggle to lengthen the time between washing your hair due to greasiness or tangles, there are methods you can use to ensure beautiful hair even days after your last wash. Thompson and Wilson advise, “First, you want to make sure you are thoroughly washing your hair correctly when using shampoo and conditioner. It’ll help to divide your hair into sections with clips and that way you can focus on specific areas of your hair to ensure it is thoroughly washed and conditioned before moving to the next section.” Tangled hair while you sleep is a common issue as well, so Thompson and Wilson recommend using the DreamGirls Satin Bonnet to preserve your locks overnight.

Just like your skin or fitness, in order to maintain beautiful hair you must have a routine in place to properly care for your strands. If possible, try to lengthen the time between each hair wash, and make sure to give it a good brushing before your shower to eliminate tangles and keep fallout to a minimum. Even a little extra attention on your hair can help you achieve thick, envy-inducing locks without the bad hair days.

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