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We're Calling It Now: The Edge Nail Shape Is the Sexiest Trend of the Summer

When you think about how to describe some of your favorite nail shapes — like almond, square, or even coffin — the word "sexy" probably doesn't immediately come to mind, but that isn't to say that sex appeal isn't a quality that a nail shape can have. The edge nail shape specifically is one of the more fun kinds of nail shapes that's equal parts flirty and, well, edgy — and it's the perfect trend to wear throughout the summer if you want to change up your regular, go-to nail art.

Never heard of edge nails? No problem. This shape is a little less pointy than the stiletto but is far more unexpected. "Shapes like the edge are very sexy — think Parisian chic," LeChat Nails educator Syreeta Aaron told POPSUGAR in a previous article. "This shape is mainly sculpted, and it's pointed with a nice, soft cone shape. It has an exaggerated rise in the middle of the nail."

To be clear, the edge shape isn't a new one by any means, though just like other extravagant shapes like stiletto nails, it's a perfect style to experiment with right now. If you're in need of a little edge nail inspiration, check out a few of our favorite takes on the trend ahead.

article written by Danielle Jackson for PopSugar


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