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Why can't you wash your hair on Chinese New Year?

It's time to say goodbye to the Tiger and hello to the Year of the Rabbit.

This year's Lunar New Year, begins on January 22.

It's normally the biggest holiday of the year in China -- and for some the only time they get enough leave from their jobs to travel home and see their loved ones.

There are still plenty of traditions and superstitions to follow, all aimed at making sure the year ahead is lucky and prosperous. For example, many people already know that red is associated with luck and prosperity, hence all the fiery hues you see on Lunar New Year decorations and clothing.

Here one of few other key dos and don'ts that many follow before and after the Lunar New Year.

On the first day of Chinese New Year, you must not wash or cut your hair.

In Cantonese, hair is pronounced as faat (髮), which is the same as the word for “getting rich” (發). If you wash your hair, it means that you’re washing your own fortune away for the coming 364 days. To make things more interesting, some even avoid washing clothes on the first and second day, because these two days are celebrated as the birthday of the Water God. Same logic applies to cutting your hair – you wouldn’t wish to cut off your fortune the first day of the year!

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DO wear red on both the outside and inside.

You can’t go wrong with wearing red during Chinese New Year!

Red is a lucky colour in Chinese culture, symbolising good luck and success. And especially when people are participating in games such as mahjong, wearing red underwear is always a plus! A black and white wardrobe reminds people of death and funerals, so don’t dress in black when you’re paying a visit to a friend or a family member’s house during Chinese New Year. This is one of the most important Chinese New Year traditions you need to keep in mind.

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