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Why Side Swept Bangs Are the Hot New Trend for Women Over 50 + How They Make Hair Look Thicker

And learn how to style them so they stay looking great

Everything old is new again! Take the side swept bangs trend that was everywhere in the early ’90s and is now making a resurgence on TikTok. And today’s update on side swept bangs is more versatile than ever before. Best yet, they are extra flattering on women in their 50s and beyond. Read on for all you need to know about this bang style and why you should make the snip to getting it.

How side swept bangs rose to popularity

Before we get into all the amazing ways side swept bangs — where the front part of hair is shorter than the rest of the hair length and swept off the face to one side — can flatter, let’s start with a little history. Side swept bangs or side bangs first made their debut in the spotlight in the 1960s, when they were as long and straight as the hair styles that were all the rage at the time. When the 80s rolled around, side swept bangs became popular again and were often permed alongside the rest of the hair so they had a lot of body. Then in the 90s came the iconic hairstyle known as ‘The Rachel,’ made famous by Jennifer Aniston in the hit television sitcom Friends.

How side swept bangs are flattering

1. They work on everyone

Unlike the old days, the newest iteration of side swept bangs is completely customizable. “Side swept bangs for women over the age of 50 really softens up features,” says Chaz Dean, celebrity hairstylist and founder of WEN Hair & Body. “Whether they are on the shorter side or elongated, these bangs are always angled across the forehead, and follow the natural curve of the hairline.” Since they can vary by length and be personalized, they can work for almost everyone.

2. They make hair look thicker

“Side swept bangs can be truly transformative,” continues Dean. “They can help with fine and thin hair — instead of having just one heavy length that hangs there and looks limp, they can lighten up a cut to help thin and wispy locks appear thicker.”

3. They can be cut to emphasize or balance your face shape

If you feel your face looks a little too long or your forehead is too wide? The perfect length of the side swept fringe can minimize a wide forehead and create the illusion of a shorter face shape.

4. They conceal forehead furrows + other aging beauty concerns

“These days many women are stepping [away] from Botox, and these bangs can act like a veil to hide forehead lines,” adds Dean. “That’s because side swept bangs open toward the side, effectively concealing fine lines.” Blunt or curtain bangs are not as forgiving as they can shine a spotlight on “11” lines on the forehead while a side swept style can literally direct the gaze away. The credit goes to the slant of the bangs, which diverts attention, drawing it away from beauty concerns like wrinkles or a receding hairline.

Check out the videos below of TikTok users Donna Saker and Cyntia Hymes showing off how flattering side bangs can be for women in their 50s and beyond.

What to ask for when getting side swept bang

“Since side swept bangs are so easy to customize, the wearer just has to find the fit that flatters most,” says Dean. “And whether these bangs are shorter or longer can all be determined by cut.” So he advises talking to your stylist about what you’d like to flaunt and what you’d like to conceal.

“If you have great cheekbones, ask for the bangs to end right at your cheek to showcase them,” he says. “Love your jawline? Ask for them to be a little longer.” Your stylist can also advise if you should consider a feathery edge or opt for a razor cut, to make the ends not too blunt so they look fuller.

What hairstyles work best with side swept bangs

As far as specific haircuts that work best with side fringe, Dean insists they can work with any cut from long lengths to bobs to pixie cuts. “However, you should keep in mind that side swept bangs do not work with every hair texture,” he notes. “If you have really coarse hair, this style of bangs probably won’t move and flow in the same way they will for straight or slightly wavy hair.” Basically, if you have a really curly hair texture, tight curls probably won’t sweep to the side so easily and will stay a more voluminous shape.

What upkeep is required with side swept bangs?

When it comes to upkeep, it just doesn’t get easier than with side swept bangs. They “are very forgiving, unlike other bang styles you can let it go, because you’re sweeping hair to the side,” says Dean. “As they grow out, these bangs won’t get in your eyes, and the style is the lowest maintenance of all fringe — unlike curtain or blunt bangs where you always have to clean up the center.”

How to style side swept bangs

1. Add some lift at the roots

As for styling tips, they’re pretty simple as well. “You might like to have a little root lift with side swept bangs to add volume,” says Dean. “To get a side parting with some body to it, use a dollop of nourishing mousse on damp hair for a little hold and once dry, use a light finishing spray that will keep hair shiny, bouncy and in place.”

2. ‘Set’ bangs with a bobby pin trick

You might even want to try this genius styling trick from TikTok user Melissa Cunningham shown in the video below. Simply take a bobby pin and secure your hair where you would like the part of the side bangs to fall. Then use some hairspray to set, and keep the bobby pin in until the spray dries — and voila! You’ll have bangs that fall perfectly across your forehead.

3. Pull bangs away from the face with an accessory

When it comes to accessories, bobby pins are a perfect choice to keep bangs out of your face. Dean advises choosing bobby pins that are similar to your hair color. “With really long side swept bangs you can always just tuck them behind the ear,” he adds. “But for more flair try those dazzling hair clip accessories like pearls or dragonflies with sparkly gems — these are fun and will hold the shape.”

Now, prepped with all the latest info on side swept bangs we hope you feel ready to customize the look so it’s super flattering on you. Ready, set, swipe!

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Article written by Lorraine Sullivan

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