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10 Best Layered Hairstyles for Older Women in Bali

Thinking of adding layers to your hair? Looking for new inspiration for your hairstyle? Have you had the same style for years? Maybe it’s time to try something new and different.

Here is our top list of layered hairstyles for older women:

1. Shoulder Length with Long Side Swept Bangs – Volume and flirty long bangs.

2. Short Face Contouring Layers – Layers can be cut into shorter hair.

3. Wispy Layers with Curtain Bangs – Curtain bangs look great on everyone.

4. Wavy Textured Layers – Great beach hair look.

5. Long Natural Layers – Long hair, don’t care!

6. Bouncy Wispy Layers – This classic hairstyle looks great in all hair colors.

7. Medium-Length Face Contouring Layers – Long face-flattering layers.

8. Short Hair with Layers and Short Bangs – Add layers to super short hair.

9. Thick Medium-Length Layers – Thick hair looks great with layers.

10. Pixie cut with Layers – Timeless pixie with layers.

Layers can be added to any length of hair. They can add bounce to short hair and provide playfulness and texture to longer hair. Generally, thick hair looks best with layers, but don’t shy away from cutting layers into your thin hair. Make sure you have a knowledgeable hairstylist cut the layers in a way that doesn’t make your hair look thinner.

Hope you find your next hairstyle in our list of layered hairstyles for older women.

Best Layered Hairstyles for Older Women:


Shoulder Length with Long Side Swept Bangs

Face-framing layers are very flattering and fit most face shapes. Side-part the hair and cut long asymmetrical bangs that blend into the hair for a flirty and playful look. You will need to blow out your hair with a blow dryer to add volume and to direct the layers towards your face.


Short Curly Layers

You can add soft layers to short fine hair to add bounce. Use a curl activating product and a round brush or a small curling iron to help your hair into your desired look.


Wispy Layers with Curtain Bangs

Bangs look good and are great for hiding a long forehead or a receding hairline. Curtain bangs are a soft addition to layered hair and fit most face shapes.


Wavy Textured Layers

Like the beach hair textured look? Cut layers into naturally wavy hair and use a texturizing sea salt spray to create the beachy look. Scrunch your layered hair with your hands and let air dry.


Long Natural Layers

Have you been told that you should cut your long hair because you are over 60? This is a used up old wives’ tale and thankfully, we tend to think differently now. Add long face-framing layers to your natural long hair to create some volume and texture.


Bouncy Wispy Layers

Add wispy layers to give bounce to your hair. This classic look is a great hairstyle that looks amazing in all hair colors and fits most face shapes. Add highlights to the ends of the hair to create more texture and interest.


Medium-Length Face Contouring Layers

Add long layers below your chin and add highlights to create this beautiful sleek hairstyle. This is a timeless look that suits women of all ages.


Short Hair with Layers and Short Bangs

Add short bangs and layers to your short hair to provide more volume and bounce. The hair is brushed back and away from the face to blend the layers well.


Thick Medium-Length Layers

Naturally thick hair looks great with layers. The layers take off some extra weight and make the hair look more bouncy. Use a hair and scalp elixir to revitalize and stimulate the scalp while lifting the hair.


Pixie Cut with Layers

Pixie cuts are timeless and women of all ages adopt this hairstyle. A longer pixie can have layers and bangs added to provide some volume.

Bring a photo of your inspiration when going for a new hairstyle. Tell your hairstylist what you like about the cut and ask them if it’s possible to achieve something similar with your hair texture. Always be open to suggestions and hold reasonable expectations.

So, do you want to refresh your hair with a fresh new cut?

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