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10 Spring Nail Polish Color Trends You’re About To Be Obsessed With

The season’s hottest shades might surprise you.

Slowly but surely, winter’s chill is being replaced by sunnier days — and with it, you can almost feel that early itch for spring’s light-filled energy.

While the winter manicure trends were all things deep, dark, and sultry, spring 2024 is leaning towards colorfully vibrant tones.

The Bright Side Of Spring

Traditionally, “soft girl” shades of pastel own the spring months — and while a few pale colors (like baby blue) are set to trend, this coming season is expected to be bolder than ever.

“After a particularly wet and snowy winter season across most of the country this year, we believe people are going to be ready to flaunt loud pops of color,” says Jacqueline Carrington, the founder of nail polish brand People of Color.

Jan Arnold, the co-founder of CND, agrees, noting that this coming spring will be defined by “vibrant colors and dimension, merging elements reminiscent of the hippie era.”

In other words, you can put away your dark red and glossy black polishes, as unexpected, ’70s-esque nail colors are sure to be major.

10 Nail Polish Colors For Spring

For those who are ready to book their springtime mani appointments or perhaps snag a few new hues for their collection, keep scrolling for 10 on-trend nail polish colors for spring 2024, as shared by Carrington and Arnold.

1. In The Mood For Chartreuse

Chartreuse is a yellow-green color very much associated with 1970s — and according to Arnold, it’s about to take over next season. “Bright chartreuse will be an underrated color this spring, especially incorporated into playful nail designs to complement the new sunny season,” she tells Bustle.

The CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish in Mind Over Matcha ($7.75) and OPI Infinite Shine Long-Wear Lacquer in Get in Lime ($14.49) are both perfect examples of the vibrant hue.

2. Pretty In “Peach Fuzz”

ICYMI: Pantone has officially named “peach fuzz” as its color of the year. Because of that, Arnold predicts that variations of peach manicures will dominate the upcoming months.

3. In Spring, We Wear Pink

According to both Carrington and Arnold, pink nail polish will never go out of style — and this spring, countless shades will be all over the nails of it girls.

While Carrington points to mid-tone salmons and Barbiecore hot pinks, Arnold notes that shimmering mauves are also trending.

4. Make It A “Mannequin” Manicure

No matter the season, neutral nail polish is a timeless pick. “With so many nail options, designs, and endless colors available, I always believe neutral nail looks remain underrated,” says Carrington.

Margot Robbie and Kylie Jenner are just two A-listers who have recently been rocking the subtle mannequin mani look.

5. Very Vibrant Cobalt Blue

For a statement-making manicure color, Carrington points to cobalt blue. “We expect to see vibrant blues everywhere this spring,” she says.

The People of Color Nail Polish in Geechee Blue ($12), as well as the Hermès Nail Polish in Bleu Électrique ($60), are both effortless ways to nail the rising trend.

6. Any Shade Of Purple Will Do

In recent months, Rihanna was spotted with purple pigment all over her eyelids — and come spring, the color will inspire countless manicures.

Arnold says that “cool periwinkles” in particular will reign, while Carrington shares that rich purples are the move.

7. Hello, Baby Blue

Baby blue manis are a total staple for the spring season — and Arnold agrees, saying that “light sky blues” will dominate the nail color trends. This fits right into beauty’s current obsession with all things blue, so go ahead and wear it on your fingertips.

8. Nearly Naked Nails

For the mani minimalists who are all about the “old money” aesthetic, crystal-clear nails with a high-shine top coat for classic, natural looks are the move for spring, says Carrington.

9. Feelin’ Fiery Red

Red nail polish has long been a tried-and-true classic in the manicure world. While winter featured dark shades of the color, spring will welcome a brighter, nearly neon take on the hue.

Both the Lights Lacquer Polish in By The Fireplace ($11) and the gitti vegan nail colour in no. 101 ($20) are the perfect fiery red.

10. Shades Of Gray

Cool-toned light gray colors, along with more mid-tone slate shades, are expected to pop up throughout the upcoming months.

Arnold notes that such colors are inspired by “the modern digital world,” and add an unexpected freshness to one’s look.

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Article written by Olivia Rose Rushing for Bustle

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