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11 Hair Color Trends That Will Be Everywhere In 2024

From the spring to winter, 2023 has been a big year in the world of hair. Major trends have included hot chocolate brunette and the rise of Bambi blond. However, it's time to say goodbye to 2023 and get ready for what 2024 will have in store for our hair. When it comes to the colors you'll be wearing next year, experts are predicting a significant shift away from cooler tones and towards more lowkey stylings. "Subtle dimension, warm tones, and major shine are key for 2024," professional colorist Sachi Kumagai told Allure. 

From undertones to highlights and lowlights, experts have predicted that we'll fall back in love with more autumnal shades, including burgundy, auburn reds, and all shades of brown. While there are many theories about what next year's biggest trends will look like, 2024 Is likely to be as varied and ever-changing as 2023. You can expect new favorites like cherry brown and icy blue to burst onto the scene, alongside the continued adoration of other well-loved mainstays like platinum blond.

1. Casual blond

While platinum and ash blonds are eternally iconic, maintaining an intense blond coloring can be difficult without the help of expensive products. However, 2024 is predicted to be when low-maintenance — or casual –  blond makes an appearance. "2024 will be all about more lived-in shades with darker roots, providing a low-maintenance option for those who want to stretch the time between salon visits," hairstylist Samantha Cusick explained to Who What Wear. If you're ready to let your roots show through, a relaxed take on a classic shade, earth blond, could be for you.

2. Auburn brown

The perfect mix of red and brown, auburn brown is set to be a big autumnal hit in 2024. Aptly nicknamed "toasted pecan" in the past, this color trend is predicted to gain popularity for its subtleness and wearability. "It doesn't skew too red or too orange, so it's a good way to try a semi-red color before fully committing," colorist Sachi Kumagai described the shade to Allure. If you want to get in touch with some warmer tones, auburn brown could be a safe and trendy color to try out.

3. Muted metallics

Predictions suggest we'll see at least one high-maintenance color trend return in the new year: muted metallic tones. "The fairly new trend of metallic hair has certainly become a trend thanks to the influence of the younger generation, however, is also becoming popular with clients of all generations," colorist Dan Spiller discussed with Estetica Magazine. Indeed, metallic hair (especially silver) has been sported by a range of celebrities recently, including Renaissance-era Beyoncé herself. An alternative to brighter metallic looks, if you want a more experimental option for 2024 and are willing to invest in the upkeep, go for muted metallics.

4. Tinted roots

When dying your hair, maintaining a uniform look can be difficult. However, 2024 is predicted to be the year in which we don't just leave our roots alone but enhance them. With celebs like Billie Eilish sporting colorfully toned roots, stylists predict that this trend will become mainstream in a more subtle manner. "Having a blended shadow root allows you to go up to six months without being beholden to your colorist," hair colorist Chaz Dean advised Allure. If you want to give harsh treatments a break, embracing a naturally colored root could be the way to go.

5. Cherry brown

Also known as cherry auburn or "cherry cola," this red-toned brown is a must-have for the coming year. An alternative to bright red and more muted brown shades, cherry brown is the perfect midway tone for 2024."The hair color I think that will be major for the upcoming winter season is cherry cola brown," colorist Kat Collett predicted to Bustle. An interesting mix of tones, cherry brown is a cute way to give your hair some definition and incorporate winter hues into your look all year round.

6. Light copper

A timeless shade, light copper hair is another option that requires more upkeep and is predicted to have renewed popularity. Sported by celebs like Sydney Sweeney and Phoebe Dynevor, it is the perfect midpoint for anyone who wants auburn hair without giving up lighter undertones. A subtler alternative to deeper reds, the copper-colored hair trend could be the glam salon favorite in the coming year. "Maintenance is key with copper," stylist Jane Wei said to Marie Claire Australia. Vibrant and lowkey, a light copper look takes work but can be stunning when well cared for.

7. A hint of blue

When you think of blue hair, the usual tones that come to mind are probably electric, cornflower, and pastel shades. However, this unconventional color is suggested to be coming back in a significant way via the more muted icy blue. "I think icy blue is going to have a moment and I'm 500% here for it," colorist Kat Collett shared with Bustle. An eye-catching yet wearable shade, icy blue is another lower maintenance choice predicted to pop up again in 2024 as winter colors prepare for year-round popularity.

8. Lowkey caramel

2024 is suggested to be a year of variety, with high-maintenance routines predicted to take the backseat. "In 2024, get ready to embrace the allure of 'lived-in' beauty," hairstylist Charlotte Clark told Country & Town House. While cooler toners are timelessly popular, you should also expect to see caramel tones more in the coming year, especially during the colder season. "During the winter months, adding warmer tones to your blonde base can really lift your complexion and leave you with a glow," colorist Harriet Muldoon shared with Marie Claire UK.

9. 'Expensive' brunette

The brunette tone predicted to take 2024 by storm centers on professional luxury and expensive-looking results without breaking the bank. Nicknamed "expensive brunette," this shade of brown combines flattering medium tones with darker highlights for a ritzy glam feel. "This is all about elegant, high-end, luxurious colour," hairdresser and creative director Jordanna Cobella explained to Who What Wear. For anyone wanting to try a darker tone of brown or accentuate their natural coloring with some precise highlights, expensive brunette could be the autumnal-inspired trend to bring into 2024.

10. Light and dark dual-toned hair

Two-toned hair, halo hair, the "skunk:" Chances are you've seen dual-toned looks on the runways or sported by influencers online. Made iconic by celebs such as Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus, mixing dark and light is a distinctive way to incorporate platinum bleach and deeper tones into your hair without committing to a single color. "Two-toned hair involves the combination of two different shades, offering numerous options for placement and tones," hairstylist Rogerio Cavalcante told Byrdie. Predicted to have a resurgence in 2024, this style is popular for its eye-catching contrast.

11. Icy blond

A salon classic, ice and platinum blond's popularity is suggested to continue into 2024. Known for its high-maintenance upkeep and striking cool tones, this shade is enjoyed in highlight and semi-permanent form by many celebs, from Beyoncé to Kim Kardashian and Rihanna. "You don't have to go dark just because it's winter — stay bright blonde," celebrity colorist Rita Hazan told Bustle. A fun alternative to the honey blonds and caramels of spring and summer, ice blond could be the winter favorite if you want a classic yet distinctive hair look.

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