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12 Hair Color Trends That We’ll See Everywhere In 2022

If you've been looking for a change in style this new year then why not get inspired with some hair dye.

Lots of people make changes after the new year with resolutions and attitude changes and if you're ready for something different in your life, consider switching up your hair color.

In the winter, tons of women experience their hair becoming darker because of the lack of sunlight and warmth, but who says you can't bring back that warmth or embrace the cold with your hair?

Whether you like an icy blonde or a warm honey brown, whatever your style, there are plenty of stylish hair color trends to choose from.

If you're lacking inspiration, check out this list of hair color trends for 2022 and start making a Pinterest hair board to show your hairdresser at your next hair appointment.

1. Honey Blonde Highlights

If you're looking for a minimal change in the new year but also add some warmth into your hair, then honey blonde highlights are a great idea. You can be as minimal as your want with these sorts of highlights or go all out with a full head of highlights.

The warm honey blonde is so beautiful in the winter and brings out a natural glow to your hair, it's also very "in" right now and everyone will love the new chic style on you.

You also don't need to be blonde — plenty of women opt for dark brown and bronde hair to add a little lightness to your overall color.

2. Dark Chocolate Brown

Megan Fox is everywhere this year, so there's no better time to imitate her signature dark chocolate brown hair.

This trend is going to be very popular in 2022 as she's been an icon in 2021 — we can't get enough of her and Machine Gun Kelly. Her long dark brown hair is an iconic and beautiful color and cut that's sought after by many women.

If you want your hair to look like hers but your hair isn't that long, while you're getting your hair colored to dark chocolate brown, you can ask at the end if you could have some length added with extensions.

3. Beautiful Bronde

One hair color that doesn't get enough credit and attention is bronde hair. Some people naturally have bronde hair and don't like to embrace it and end up going fully brown or blonde. However, bronde is making a comeback in 2022 and we are calling it beautiful — especially if you add in some warm-toned blonde highlights with your bronde, it makes the color pop giving your beautiful dimension and color.

4. Natural Ginger

If you've been dying to try ginger hair then this is a perfect way of transitioning into it. If you have brown hair this is even better, as toning your hair with a red can get you the perfect natural ginger grown that will add some brightness and beautiful red tones to your hair.

Ginger red is also a popular trend predicted for 2022 as the wintertime makes everyone want to turn to the red side.

5. A Bold Pop Of Color

Sometimes in the new year, you want to make a bold change. If you're looking for an easy way to do that, why not try a pop of color?

The high contrast look is very popular right now with dramatic pops of color in wide sections of hair. This is also something you can try with semi-permanent hair dye to see if you like the style — if so, you can get it permanent next time.

6. Deep Dark Red

There's something about dark red hair in winter that makes it a color lots of women go after. The deep dark red color is something you might see more of in 2022 because it's both bold and classic.

It's not hard pull a red off with practically any skin tone — the color tends to look beautiful and natural. This deep dark red is perfect for any brunette who wants a bold new change in life, so why not start with your hair?

7. Icy Blonde

There's no other color that comes out more in the Winter than a platinum blonde. This icy blonde color is incredibly attractive and especially pretty in the wintertime. The color compliments and upgrades your outfits and style during the new year.

However, in order to get the perfect icy blonde, you absolutely must go to a professional — this look is not easy to pull off as a DIY.

In order to go platinum, you must use bleach. Not only can handling bleach by yourself be dangerous, but you could end up with stringy, dried-out yellow hair ... or even worse, no hair at all. So trust the professionals and remember: you get what you pay for.

Go for that icy blonde you have always wanted to try, and be bold in 2022.

8. Cool-Blended Highlights

Another trend you could try that anyone could rock this year are cool-blended highlights. This look is similar to the summertime when you might get natural highlights that come out when you've been at the beach.

Essentially this hairstyle is recreating those natural highlights with more of a cool tone for winter by getting cool-blended highlights that will look very natural and make your hair pop. The overall color of your hair remains dark while highlighted or balayage sections help frame your face and go with your natural part.

9. Low-Maintenance Natural

If you have dyed your hair a lot and are looking to go back to your natural roots with some added dimension, a low-maintenance natural hair color could be exactly what you're looking for.

Going back to your roots and adding some highlights or lowlights is a great idea for a subtle but new change that everyone will love. This hair color idea is perfect for the new year, new easy-going you — it's too expensive to keep getting your hair colored over and over again (and over time can make your hair super unhealthy). So take this opportunity to embrace your natural color and focus on simplifying your life in the new year — if you decide you don't like it by Summer then you can have a clean slate to start on.

10. Subtle Strawberry

If you're a natural blonde or just recently dyed your hair blonde but now want something new, then trying out a strawberry blonde is a great idea. A subtle strawberry blonde is a perfect look if you're looking for a slight but recognizable change.

Winter does bring out more new years resolutions and if you've been looking for a change in the right direction then this is it.

11. Dramatic Ombres

With a dramatic ombre, the color choices are kind of endless. If you want to follow suit with the reds and coppers you could get a copper, caramel, auburn, or even pink ombre or balayage to add some color blended at the bottom of your hair.

If you're feeling more into money pieces that frame the face, then that's a good idea to add some drama and flair to your hair too. This sort of half/half or two-tone high contrast color situation blended naturally throughout your hair is a favorite of celebrity stylists right now, and you'll definitely be getting a lot of compliments for this type of look.

12. Warm Caramel Highlights

What's better than dipping apples into caramel in the winter is dying your hair a warm caramel color. This is a beautiful color that will especially work well on brunettes who want a new change that's still classically beautiful.

The caramel highlights help add warmth and dimension to your hair which is what you most definitely want in the winter when your hair might become bland and boring from the cold.

Got idea for your new hair color? Check The Shampoo Lounge. The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our hair color galleries on our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in #tslhaircoloring


Article written by Megan Hatch from Your Tango

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