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12 White Nail Art Design Ideas for Every Occasion

Sometimes, you just want a classic—or not-so-classic—white mani. There’s something refreshing about white nails; even with a design, they look clean and cool, and flatter just about every skin tone. And it goes without saying, white naturally makes a fantastic choice for a bridal manicure, too. No matter the occasion, we’ve collected 12 gorgeous white nail design options to inspire your next look, plus some of the nail products to help you achieve them.

1. In the Clouds

A cloud pattern works on any color background polish, but looks particularly dreamy on natural nails.

2. Making Waves

A fine glitter backdrop adds dimension and shine to swoopy, wavy lines.

3. Pearl Embellishments

Pearls are a pretty (and wedding-worthy) way to get in on the 3D nail art trend.

4. Mod Mani

Horizontal black lines add a super-clean, modern twist to the classic French.

5. The Wavy French

Look closely: This super-thin French mani has a subtle wave to it that feels so fresh.

6. Milky Ombré

Simple gradient polish would be equally fun in snowy winter as it would in the heat of summer.

7. Seeing Stars

A smattering of different size stars looks whimsical, not child-like.

8. Flash of Gold

The thin flash of gold is like jewelry for your nails (and so pretty for a bride).

9. Mini Masterpiece

Abstract lines and a pop of color are like having a modern art piece at your fingertips.

10. Zebra Print

Watch out, cow print: Classic zebra might be the next big animal pattern to take over the nail art world.

11. Bit of Frosting

Shimmery white polish + embellished details? This is the minimalist evening nail art look of our dreams.

12. Angled French Tips

This triple French mani would be gorgeous for a bride, but we love it for anyone, any day of the year.

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Article written by Lindy Segal from Harpers Bazaar


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