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15 Best Haircuts For Long Hair

We all have our hearts set on having the chic haircuts and hairstyles. All the girls out there with long tresses are often anxious about styling and managing their hair.

Here we are to let you know that your longer locks are not really boring and unexciting if you choose the right haircut. There are multiple haircuts for long hair that are trendy, manageable and stunning. You can have long hairstyles with layers or free-flowing strands with bangs, all elegant enough for you to catch stares. Keep reading to know the 15 best ones of the long haircuts for women.

1. Front Layers

Front layer is one of the best hairstyle for long hair. It is also one of the easiest ones to have.

It gives your hair a layered look around the face. Your fine and long hair look the best when they are just front layered. They become easily manageable and look great on all face shapes. For a square shaped face get your layers cut starting around your cheekbones whereas if your face is heart-shaped or an oval one then layers starting around your chin look the best. This long layered haircut for long hair can change your look completely.

2. Long Angles

Long hair is something that no longer remains unachievable. You don’t have to bother about them looking perfectly tamed. Among various hairstyles for long hair, go for this long angled haircut where your long strands start around your chest and go down to the longer sections of strands. It looks really great on all faces but make sure that this cut only works at the front of the hair.

3. U-Cut With Swoopy Layers

A long U-cut has always been a common choice for long haircuts as a blunt U-cut on long hair underscores thickness and density of hair. This wonderful haircut lets you get long, smooth and silken locks and also the shorter layers chopped gracefully to enhance the body and hair consistency. There are many hair color ideas for long hair U-cut like you can create black-brown effect to enhance the look. So your U-shaped tresses with long and short layers give your hair a complete look.

4. Tight Curls

If you have long hair with curls then all you have to do is get them elegantly blended in rounded layers. Amazingly, it suits on all face shapes. A dry cut will work on your curls but the layers have to be kept on the longer side which means they must start from below the chin level. This adds dimension to your curly locks and makes it appear heavy and voluminous. So, go for it and don’t let your long tight curls remain uninteresting.

5. Bold Bangs

If you’re in love with your long hair and can’t compromise with the length then you can go for it. Get a triangular trimming so that front part of your hair on the forehead does not get flowy and wavy past your temples. To prevent any bluntness at the ends, get a few cuts here and there at the edges of your fringe.

6. Clipped Ends

This is one of the trendy long haircuts in which you’ll not be sacrificing too much length of your hair. If you do not really like the idea of layered hair, then opt for this one. Get your hair gently snipped along the ends. What it needs is the tiny trims along the ends in such a way that it doesn’t give you a blunt cut look at the ends. It suits all face shapes.

7. All-Over Round Layers

Want a haircut on which you don’t have to work much? You get long all-over layers that you can simply wash and go. The slant layers are trimmed downturned along the ends and it need not be done perfectly. Random snipping along the edges of hair at the bottom is all that you need. Get this cut, take a hair wash and let them air dry and you’re ready to flaunt them. It goes well with all types of face shapes.

8. Subtle Strands

You can style your long hair smartly by trimming very gentle strands starting right at the chest. For your very long hair, carrying blunt ends might be monotonous and heavy. Style it with long and ultra-fine flowing layers that look exclusively pretty on your lengthy and straight hair. These fine layers gently blend together and make your hair more manageable and attractive.

9. Long Side Bangs On Long Hair

This one’s yet another haircut where you need not shorten your hair from bottom. You’ll get short bangs that form face-framing layers when you tie your hair up while you can get longer side bangs when you’ll leave them open. So both ways you get beautifully styled soft and smooth bangs down your cheekbones.

10. Tapered Ends

For your natural long spirals, keeping tapered ends is going to be the best choice. If you have long hair that are naturally spiraled and trouble you by billowing out every now and then, then you can get long layers with narrowed ends. The horizontal layers starting at the collarbone level in the back whereas stay longer in front, giving a very sleek and elegant look.

11. Choppy Layered Haircut

Not only women with short hair but also the ones having long hair can amaze everyone with their choppy layers. This haircut suitable for all face types requires just simple chopping with wavy strands. Shorter choppy layers look great on long layered hair. You can even highlight these to make them appear all the more glamorous.

12. Two-Layered Haircut

If you’re not interested in getting multiple layers, then too you need not worry much about your hair styling. Go for two-tiered haircut. It might sound something traditional and old-fashioned but it looks really cute and awesome on all face types and makes your long, curly or heavy hair easily manageable, without adding much volume to them.

13. V-Cut Layers

This is just the opposite of two-layered cut. While the two-layered one doesn’t add much volume to hair, this one makes your hair appear voluminous. It involves snipping the top layers into v-shaped layers downwards at the back of head. It forms multiple short layers finely trimmed to create a V-shape from top to bottom.

14. Gradual And Balanced Layers

Get the face-framing layers with length where all the layers are close to each other which mean that there’s little or no difference between the layers. It makes the overall look of your hair, subtle and delicate. Few layers start from the cheekbones which are segmented gradually and in balance. This haircut doesn’t really go well with ultra-fine tresses as it might appear more feathered near the ends.

15. Layered Haircut with Arched Bangs

Go for this enchanting haircut which involves not only just gradual layers trimmed beautifully but also arched bangs. If you have got a square-shaped face with sharp features then these arched bangs are the best that would soothe the sharp features. The haircut looks stunning on oval-shaped face as well.

So, cheer up girls, for now you have the best possible haircuts for your long locks.

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Article written by Tanumita Mishra for Fabbon

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