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15 Modern Ways To Wear A French Manicure

From lilac tips to Dua Lipa's latest take.

If you were a big fan of Paris Hilton, J.Lo or Jessica Simpson in the late '90s to '00s, then you'll be well acquainted with the classic French manicure (and there's probably a pink velour tracksuit hiding in your closet, too).

Born in the '70s (thank you Barbara Streisand), but brought into its own during The Simple Life-era, the beige-to-pink base with white tips nail trend is iconic to say the least.

And for many, the memories of using white out as an early high school budget option will never fade.

The classic form is still worn by some, particularly for weddings, but we're all for the modern twist that's taking over.

Combining the love of neon nail polish, with the candy-inspired skittle manicure, many fresh takes are maintaining the design, but injecting colour instead.

And the best part is, it's one of the easiest types of nail art to try yourself at home.


There are multiple French manicure methods, but these are the two easiest:

1. Use nail guards

White tip or French tip nails guards ($2, The Nail Shop) are essentially small adhesive strips that will guarantee seamless separation between the two colours you use.

To use, apply your base colour as normal, then wait for it completely dry.

Once safe to do so, apply the adhesive guard strip underneath the smile line of the nail (where the white usually meets the pink) and paint your second colour over the tip of the nail.

Once happy with the colour, peel off the strip cleanly with tweezers and leave you fresh manicure to dry.

2. Use a striping brush

If you'd rather go free-hand, you'll just need a striping brush ($9.95, Mitty).

These are slimmer than a traditional brush that comes with the bottle, allowing you for a more precise application.

Apply your base first as normal, then once dry, use the striping brush to create your tip, making sure to curve inwards at the edges.


Article written by Samantha McMeekin for Elle

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