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17 Angled Bobs That Will Inspire Your Next Chic Chop

Bobs may typically be associated with polish, but given a certain shape, they can just as easily go punk. Angled bobs turn the above-shoulder chop into something subversive, adding intrigue to the sophisticated style.

From the classic A-line—which you’ll see here in abundance, worn long, super-short, and every length between—to choppier and more punk interpretations, varied lengths become all the more impactful when cut into a bob. Added angles offer extra styling opportunities, too, with longer pieces played up as romantic bangs, futuristic accents, and more. But the best part of an angled bob? The cut’s ability to highlight a blowout or play up natural texture, working with organic waves and curls to create stunning sculptural shapes.

Here, scroll through 17 angled bobs that are sure to inspire your next artfully playful chop.  

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Sleek Frame

On Taylor Swift, a rounded A-line feels extra sleek, her angled ends paired with slightly rounded bangs and a glossy finish.

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Elevated Bowl

Leave it to Zendaya to morph a bowl cut into an aspirational style. Here, her rounded A-line cut and full fringe feature uneven ends that feel futuristic and edgy. A hyper-polished finish only lends to the effect.

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Triangle Bob

Yara Shahidi’s triangulated cloud of curls may be cut blunt, but a side part and sweep of forehead ringlets add some cool asymmetry.

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The Jen

Reigning queen of the angular bob, Jennifer Aniston is always rocking some take on the classic Rachel cut. This shoulder-skimming version finds its angles via piecey ends and barely-there layering.

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Punk Chop

Kirsten Stewart knows her way around a punkish hairstyle, and this broken bob is no exception. A fantasy ginger hue punches up the chop, which hangs in soft, irregular pieces around the face and neck.

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‘20s Touch

We may be in the new ‘20s, but references to the 1920s will never go out of style. Chef Sophia Roe’s curly, flared bob is worthy of a modern flapper, particularly when punctuated by baby bangs.

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Italian A-Line

Emily Ratajkowski’s blunt A-line bob lob owes something to Italian icons like Sophia Loren, not for its pin-straight texture but for its volume. A subtle lift at the back creates a bouffant effect, and the cut tilts downward in a flattering frame.

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Lob-Bob Hybrid

Why blend your angled bob when you can go full-on futuristic? Gwyneth Paltrow’s platinum bob features two extra-long sections around the face, making for a unique and striking statement.

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Brushed-Up Bob

Lucy Boynton is known for her ‘60s-inspired, doll-like beauty, and this brushed-up bob fits well within the visual narrative. Tucking and texture add extra depth and visual interest.

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Curved Long Bob

Cut long and curved, an angled bob becomes infinitely more wearable—and slightly softer. Though Selena Gomez leaned into her A-line’s irreverent nature (hot pink shadow, choker, and all) this style still feels more pretty than punk.

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Wet-Look Wave

Willow Smith’s A-line cut is all about the dampened texture. In case you missed the punkish nature of the cut, Smith supplements it with smoked-out eyes and an over-the-eye side part that ensures the vibes skew moody.

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Side-Part Bob

Adding a barely-there A-line to your bob allows for a dramatic side part, as demonstrated by Jenna Dewan. The extra length at the front provides more room to play, all while maintaining the illusion of a predominantly blunt bob.

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The Posh

Victoria Beckham has spent much of her career experimenting with the angled chop. From piecey pixies to A-line bobs, Beckham’s past cuts centered on edgy, sleek, and unexpected styling.

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Jagged Baby Bangs

Everything about Halle Berry’s bob is angular, from the A-line shaping to the jagged baby bang that furthers the style. The effect is funky, memorable, and a testament to her flawless bone structure.

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Iman’s side part is made possible by her off-kilter cut, the hyper-slicked finish oozing polish and adding to the drama.

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Lucy Hale

At first glance, Lucy Hale’s rounded bob appears blunt and even. But a closer look reveals a slight lengthening at the front, a quick behind-the-ear-tuck resulting in a mono-length effect.

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Windswept Bob

Kelly Rowland's artfully shaped bob is paired with windswept bangs, making for a glamorous combination. It's a reminder of the eternal appeal of angled bobs: built-in drama.

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