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20 Hair Colors for Women Over 50 That Will ALWAYS Be in Style

Try as we might, we can't outrun time—and that's okay. What we can do, however, is even the playing field with an arsenal of tricks to age gracefully. From using anti-aging hair products to adding warmth and softness back into your locks and choosing your most flattering color, you're able to make your hair work for you—and even take some years off your face instantly. That youthful glow is just a few strokes of hair color away.

We'd never say to stray from whichever cut and color is calling your name, but we reckon these particularly timeless shades were pulled straight from the fountain of youth. Read on to discover the best hair colors for women over 50, and get ready to feel fresher, brighter, and even more fabulously like yourself.


Deep Auburn

Liven up your brunette locks by going rich red. The warm, pigmented shade works some serious magic on brunettes and redheads alike, bringing a healthy glow out to your features.


Sunset Blonde

If Jennifer Aniston can rock this beachy blonde hue after she turns 50 (and we all know she does), that's the only proof we need. The shade, a brown-blonde with flecks of gold, is warm and bright, which will bring out those same qualities in the face.


Highlight and Lowlight Ginger

What hair color could take you back to your childhood better than this girlish ginger red? Not to mention, it will cure any dullness you're feeling with your usual hair color. Be sure to ask your stylist which red shade will flatter your skin tone best.


Dark Mocha

Take a deep dive into dark chocolate. For olive and tan skin tones, rich mocha brown breathes major life back into hair strands. The richness of the color, especially when some subtle touches of caramel are added to the ends, makes a statement.


Bright Copper

Go bold or go home? This bright shade brings out those baby blues something fierce, and the trendy asymmetrical cut makes it even cooler.


Champagne Blonde

This color is smooth as butter and not your basic platinum. The warmer, yellow-based blonde conjures up the Goldilocks-inspired tones in your natural hair for a brighter complexion overall. Aging causes us to lose fullness in our facial features, but this hue adds that softness right back in.


Toffee Babylights

Slightly more tawny than typical caramel, toffee will add so much dimension to warm brown hair and warmer skin tones. The result? An almost metallic-looking finish that feels low maintenance.


Chestnut Brown

Truer than the tides, chestnut brown always delivers. Its warmth and dimension, thanks to red and golden undertones, is wonderfully flattering for all ages.


Sun-Kissed Strands

golden strokes that hit just where the sun would lighten your hair as a child. Framing the face will pull attention away from any complexion concerns.


Brightened-Up Money Piece

Forget the full root-to-tip highlights and instead embrace a more multi-dimensional look by asking for lighter, brighter "money pieces," which are the front strands of hair that frame your face.


Muted Ombré

You might think that this trendy hair color technique belongs to the youngsters, but it can actually give a healthy youthful glow when framing the face and lightening the ends in a super subtle fashion. Ask for a shade just one lighter than your base to keep the look more natural.


Creamy Stone Blonde

Somewhere right between warm and cool, this neutral blonde melts into your complexion for a more effortless look compared to going fully bright blonde. This client originally sported brown-black strands, and this shade freshened up her entire complexion.


Platinum Blonde with Lowlights

If your natural hair color veers more into cool tones, ask for accompanying cool blonde around the face and towards the ends to give some complexity without requiring major upkeep.


Honey Blonde

We think of Julia Roberts as the ultimate muse for giving brown hair some honey blonde lovin'. As we mature, our skin and hair might lose some of its natural radiance. Get it back with golden honey balayage highlights that give your complexion a jolt of sunlight and your hair more shine and dimension.


Icelandic Blonde

Platinum can get tricky as time marches on, but this white blonde offers a fun transition base for ladies going naturally white or gray.


Sunflower Blonde

Sunflower blonde is like a bright ray of freshness that illuminates dull strands in need of a shot of caffeine. It adds an instant healthy shine.


Natural Blended Color

The range of color in this styling job is great if you're looking to grow out your natural color or add just a bit of warmth to a darker hair tone. Maintaining darker roots keeps this edgy look low-maintenance.


Light Ash Blonde

If you're looking to stay true to your aging roots, a light blonde shade is always the way to go. This color blends seamlessly with ashy browns and grays.


Chocolate Balayage

A balayage on brunette hair will always deliver warmth, especially when highlights are strategically placed around the face.

20 Diamond Blonde

This is another fun blonde shade that allows you to easily blend from gray roots. Even better, those roots won't be that noticeable as it grows out.

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