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20 Minimalist Nail Art Ideas for a Subdued Mani

Between all the chrome nail art and velvet manicures, aura designs, and funky French tips, it can sometimes seem like nail art always has to be at least a little extra. And while we certainly love opulent and over-the-top manicures, make no mistake: We're just as enamored with more minimalist looks. After all, simple nail statements have come a long way from classic French manicures and solid swatches of color.

To show you just how gorgeous a less-is-more manicure can look, we rounded up over a dozen minimalist nail art ideas for your perusal. Check them out below.

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Milky Pink Nails

There's nothing wrong with picking a solid color for your minimalist set. To make your mani look modern and fresh, though, choose your color carefully. Our suggestion? Lean into the milky pink vibe. For a look similar to the one above, try Gelcare Official's UV Gel Nail Polish ($20) in Rose BB Cream.

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Gold Cuticle Accents

Love the feel of a milky manicure, but looking to add a little pizazz? Check out this quiet luxury sheer nail look dotted with shimmery gold polish by Paintbox nail artist Saradya. For an instantly perfect-looking recreation of this mani, treat yourself to the Paintbox Silk Press-Ons ($24) and use a dotting tool to detail them with the Paintbox Nail Lacquer in Like Gilded ($22).

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Outlined French Tips

Another way to take a milky minimalist mani to the next level? With outlined French tips. If you have a super steady hand, you can recreate this nail look at home by starting with a milky base and then using a fine-lining nail art brush to add the thin white arcs for the tips. (If you don't, book a nail appointment to recreate this pretty nail look.)

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Chrome Swirl Nails

While silver chrome is undoubtedly a bold choice, it takes on a more minimalist appearance when paired with negative space or a sheer base. Before you try painting this design on your nails, though, know this: You can achieve this gorgeous nail look at home in less than 10 minutes thanks to the Chillhouse Tipsy Tinsel Chill Tips ($18).

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Gemstone Fragments

Prefer a pretty pop of color? Then you'll love this fragmented gemstone nail look. Since the nail artist didn't reveal how she created it, your best bet is to take this picture to your nail salon so your manicurist can work their magic.

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Teeny Tip Nail Gems

If you have a soft spot for bling, you'll swoon over this gemstone-accented solid nail look. If you're also a fan of the length and shape of this mani, you can snag it for yourself with the Aprés Gel-X Natural Round Medium Tips ($28).

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Champagne Glitter Tips

How gorgeous are these Art Deco-inspired minimalist nails? You'll be thrilled to learn that you can perfectly recreate them at home with the Paintbox Turning Point Press-Ons ($28).

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Minimalist Animal Print Nails

Animal print manicures don't have to look bold and in your face. Here's proof that a simple Dalmatian print can be downright head-turning.

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Euphoria Nails

These gorgeous wavy nails were inspired by Maddy's eye-catching mani on Euphoria. They were created using Bio SeaWeed Gel ($18) in JellyBean and Snow White, topped off with the Cirque Colors Razzle Dazzle Rhinestones ($10).

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Cobalt Swatches

If you're a big fan of color but want to try a more minimalist nail look, consider this diagonal-dipped set. For a similar cobalt color, try the Manucurist Paris Green Natural Nail Polish ($14) in Ultramarine. To create crisp lines, use nail art tape.

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Silver Shell Nails

We're obsessed with this silver shell nail look. As simple as it is, it makes a bold statement. To create it on your nails, all you need is a bottle of Cirque Colors Nail Polish ($13) in Voile and the Cirque Colors Silver Coquille Charms ($10).

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Rhinestone Cuticles

We love a classic French manicure—especially when it features added intrigue thanks to dainty gemstone accents. Nail artist Sarah Haidar created this nail look using nail gemstones from Amazon. Grab the TecUnite 2000-Piece Flatback Gemstone Kit ($8), and you can do the same.

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Minimalist Heart Decal Nails

Whether you're already dreaming of Valentine's Day nail looks or simply want to wear your heart on your fingertips, these simple accent nails will catch your eye. They were created using Nails Inc.'s Dare To Be Bare Get Undressed Nail Polish ($9), topped off with the brand's Kissing In Kensington Rainbow Heart Topper Nail Polish ($9).

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Glitter Outline Nails

Another way to outline your nails? Instead of your tips, use a glitter polish to create a border around each nail. For high shine, try the Zoya Alicia Nail Polish ($12).

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Neon Drip Nails

Craving a vibrant pop of color in a minimalist fashion? Consider copying this neon yellow drip manicure, which was created using Cirque Colors Nail Polish in the shade Sticky Icky. Since that stunning shade was sadly discontinued, try Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Subway Surfer ($4).

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Heart Nails

Here's another minimalist heart nail look we can't get enough of. For picture-perfect hearts, try using the Nails Inc. Love in London Heart Confetti Nail Topper ($10). Use a nail decal picker—the Tatuo 2-Piece Rhinestone Picker Dotting Pen ($9) is a popular option—to grab a single heart and apply it with care.

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Simple Swirls

The trick to embracing nail art while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic is to ensure that negative space is part of the equation. While these swirl-accented French tips have a lot going on, they don't look too bold, thanks to the sheer milky base. See?

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Pearlescent French Tips

Another way to transform a classic French manicure is with a pearlescent base. Nail artist Sarah Alaina created this nail look using Gelcare Official UV Gel Nail Polish ($20) in South Sea Pearl and French Alps.

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Dual-Finish Cobalt Tips

Cobalt might not feel all that minimalist, but a dual-finish French mani in a monochrome palette is actually quite simple, so we're saying it fits the bill. Snag a pack of the Paintbox Night Cap Press Ons ($28) to recreate this minimalist yet vibrant nail look at home.

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Dried Flower Nails

Last but not least, we have these fun pressed flower nails. The floral accents are so dainty you might have to squint to see them—but that just means they'll be a surprising topic of conversation when you inevitably receive compliments on them.

We've get you ready for your new nails! The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in.

Article written Rebecca Norris

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