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20+ Selected Haircuts for Guys With Round Faces

It's easier than you might think to find amazing haircuts for guys with round faces

Of all the face shapes, the round shape might be one of the hardest to work with. It’s not a bad face shape by any means, but guys with round faces have fewer styles to choose (as opposed to guys with oval or square faces).

However, it’s easier than you might think to find amazing haircuts for guys with round faces. But first, you need to determine if you have a round face, and if you do, there are some key stylistic points to understand.

If you have a round face, you’ll want to avoid certain stylistic elements while embracing others. The key is to add volume while avoiding bulk. Adding volume will add more dimension to your face and give it more angles to work with.

Avoid center parts and long hair that goes toward the temples, as these elements add width to the face. You’ll also want to avoid buzz cuts since they add more roundness to your head. And if you like long hair, don’t go too long, since long hair will also add width.

The idea is that the hair is shorter on the sides and longer on top. The hair on top should have good volume to it and be styled upward. Counterintuitively, undercuts don’t always work with round faces. They can actually accent the roundness, so we recommend not choosing an undercut.

It’s easy to find stylish haircuts for a round face once you know what to look for. These haircuts for guys with round faces are a guide to inspire you and lead you to a style you love. Try mixing and matching some of the styles, like a pompadour with an asymmetrical side part.

When in doubt, ask for extra length on top and short sides. You can modify it and style it in any way you like. And as always, be sure to take pictures to your barber or stylist to get the most accurate cut possible.

For more ideas on how to add angles and dimension to your face check our gallery below:

High Volume Haircut

It’s all in the name! If the vertical haircut isn’t your cup of tea, you might enjoy the high volume haircut. Like the vertical haircut, this style can also be applied to other haircuts, so try out different combinations.

How to Cut – This is another hairstyle that’s not totally dependent on the type of haircut you get. Since you’re going for volume, you’ll want at least 3 inches of hair, but the longer your hair is, the more potential volume you’ll have. How to Style – There are a few hair tricks you can use to get the most volume possible.

Styling with a blow dryer is a surefire way to get more volume out of your hair. Blow-dry your hair in an upward direction after you’ve applied the product.

Remember, your hair should be slightly damp, as this will help your hair move around more easily. Another way to get volume is by creating texture in your hair. Tousle your hair before you blow-dry it to get extra mileage out of your hair.

Asymmetrical Style

An asymmetrical style will add dimension and depth to your hair while also creating a strong point of visual interest. There are plenty of asymmetrical cuts and styles to choose from. It’s important to apply the concept of asymmetry to the side part referenced above.

By parting your hair an inch or two off center (to either side), you’ll de-emphasize the roundness of your face. Short sides also help with this (but we recommend symmetrical sides). How to Cut – You have a lot of options for asymmetrical styles. Some are wild and stylish while others are more subdued and classy.

Usually, the sides and back are cut normally, while the top is cut asymmetrically. It’s important to work with a good stylist and provide pictures of the style you’re after. Since asymmetrical haircuts tend to be more trending hairstyles, we recommend you visit a good men’s hairstylist (not a traditional barber).

How to Style – Depending on the intensity of your chosen asymmetrical haircut, you’ll need different types of hair products. If you go with a more toned-down style, pomade or gel with a medium hold should work well.

For more extreme styles, you’ll need to look into other products, such as styling creams, waxes, and pastes. These will allow you to retain a lively style while not losing the finer details.


If you’re looking for an edgy way to add volume but don’t like the faux hawk style, try adding some spikes to your hair. It’s an attention-grabbing style, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

When spiking your hair, you can define the spikes however you’d like. This can result in tall spikes or more messy, tousled spikes. How to Cut – Like the faux hawk, a spiky style doesn’t demand any specific haircut. The most important factor is the length.

If you want more dramatic, standout spikes, you’ll want a longer haircut. If you want more subtle spikes, go for a shorter cut. Many haircuts can be spiked well, so you can get something like a side part and then spike it.

How to Style – The styling process is crucial. You’ll want a hair product with a firm hold; for most guys, a medium pomade will do the trick. This works best with straight (or straightened) hair.

Apply product to your hair and distribute it by either running your fingers through your hair or using a comb. Then, create the spikes. For shorter spikes, simply grab a small portion of your hair and style it upward.

For longer spikes, you’ll need to approach your hair in sections, tying up your hair with ties or clips. Work on one section at a time, starting from the root and styling upward.

Classic pompadour

The pompadour’s slicked-back style makes it one of the trendiest haircuts for guys with round faces. Tall pompadours are especially ideal because they add a ton of volume to your hair.

Shorter pompadours can also work if you have haircut restrictions (for example, in a workplace) or if you simply like the shorter style.

How to Cut: The sides should be buzzed with any razor length––we recommend a #2 or #3 for short pompadours and a #4 or #5 for longer styles. The top of your hair should be at least 3 inches, though it can be longer. Your hair should also be tapered so it fades into your neck.

How to Style: Styling the pompadour is a 3-step process. First, apply a few generous scoops of pomade to damp hair. Comb your hair backward (all the way down your neck), evenly distributing the pomade.

Second, if you want a part, now is the time to make one. Third, use the comb to lift the hair at the front of the head. Lift it upward and backward using a rolling motion. For more volume, you can blow dry your pompadour upward.

To learn more about cutting or styling a pompadour, check out our guide to the pompadour hairstyle.

Side part

The side part is perhaps one of the most flexible haircuts for guys with round faces. It gives a timeless look that complements almost all outfits and personal styles.

It can also be paired with other styles on this list, like the pompadour or the basic round face haircut. It’s a versatile concept that you can adjust to your liking.

How to Cut – The side part is a universally recognized haircut that’s easy to get. You’ll want about 2 to 4 inches of hair on top of your head to make the parting easier.

The sides should be buzzed, and the exact blade length is up to you (we recommend #3 to #6). Also, ask for a taper (also known as a fade) on the sides and a tapered neckline.

How to Style – You’ll need a pomade with a medium hold. Apply it to your damp hair. The more pomade you use, the shinier your hair will look.

Next, choose a point at the back left or the back right of your head, depending on which direction you want your part to go in.

Comb all of your hair backward to this point. Then comb the sides down. Add a little hairspray if needed, and you’re done.

Vertical haircut

One of the more edgy cuts, the vertical haircut is a surefire way to get volume and lots of it. You’ll need a good bit of high-quality pomade or wax to make this happen, but it’s worth it if the look is what you’re after.

The vertical style is also something you can use with a variety of haircuts. Try experimenting and see what you like.

How to Cut – Since the vertical haircut is all in the style, you can get a vertical look with a wide range of haircuts. If you want the vertical haircut as your everyday style, we recommend getting a standard haircut; that is, long on top and short on the sides.

The undercut and side part haircuts are both good options in this category.

How to Style – You’ll need a pomade with a good hold (and maybe some hairspray). Work the product into your damp hair, then begin styling. You can use your fingers or a comb to tease the hair up into a vertical direction. You can finish off with a little hairspray if you’re going for an especially tall style.

Faux hawk

The faux hawk is a nice choice if you like more adventurous hairstyles. This will give you incredible volume and add angles to your face.

We recommend showing pictures to an experienced stylist to get this cut. Like the pompadour, you can modify the faux hawk to be more extreme or more conservative, depending on your preference.

How to Cut – Faux hawks don’t explicitly require any certain lengths or types of cuts. However, you will need medium-length hair (at least 3–4 inches) to get a good, noticeable faux hawk shape.

The sides and back should be shorter, but the exact length is up to you. The shorter the hair on the back and sides, the more the faux hawk will stand out.

How to Style – Have some hair products at the ready. You can use pomade, gel, or wax, but make sure your product of choice has a good, firm hold to it.

Start by applying the product to damp hair. Comb it in, then comb the hair on top of your head straight up. Form the faux hawk shape by pressing the hair together. Add any spikes or other embellishments as you wish.


This one’s technically a hairstyle, even though it’s not the hair on top of your head! While it is bending the rules a little, a beard can add some nice visual contrast to your face, especially if you avoid a round-looking beard.

How to Cut – This part is easy––just let your beard grow!

How to Style – Now you can trim and style your beard. A great option is a close-cut beard with hard lines that appears very angular and boxy. This will offset the roundness of your face and add more dimension.

High Volume Flat Top and Fade

This iconic fifties hairstyle is a great hairstyle for men with round faces because it adds sharp angles to your face, which helps to fill it out more.

That said, the flat top might not be your style of choice, and it doesn’t work with all-round faces. But if you like it and think it will work for you, then you’re in luck, because it’s a simple style to get.

How to Cut – The sides and back should be clipped using a fairly short clipper setting (from #2 to #4 is a good range). Ask for your hair to be clipped in a straight line to create a flat surface.

Then, your stylist should lift up all of your hair and use a clipper over comb technique to create flatness across the head. Your hair should get shorter as it approaches your crown.

How to Style – A good hair wax or gel will help the flat top haircut look its best. Simply work the product into damp hair, then brush or comb your hair upward and backward.

Angular fringe

If you like having a fringe as a main feature of your hair, then you’ll definitely want to go with an angular fringe. The angles will add an extra layer of dimension to your face and detract from its roundness.

If you have a longer, rounder face, this style will especially suit you, since the fringe will help your head appear shorter.

How to Cut – The sides and the back can be cut to your liking. If you’re in doubt, start with a #4 clipper (about a half inch of hair) and go up or down from there.

Of course, the important part is the fringe. Tell your barber to cut your bangs at an angle, and ask for variation in length. The result should be a somewhat asymmetrical, messy fringe that looks good worn down or tousled.

How to Style – Since an angular fringe is more of an element than a style, there’s technically no styling required. However, you can use some light gel or wax to fix your fringe into place.

Otherwise, you can style your hair as you would for any other style. Check out our guide to the angular fringe haircut for more information.

Side swept bangs

This style borrows elements of the side part and angular fringe hairstyles to create a third option. The side-swept bangs will add asymmetry to your face and give you a flexible style.

How to Cut – As usual, the sides and back should be clipped short, but the exact length is up to you. The fringe is the important part here.

You’ll want the bangs to have some variation in length, and you can even sport a choppy fringe if you like the look. The important factor is to have somewhat long bangs that you can sweep to one side.

How to Style – You may not require any styling products to get good side-swept bangs. Simply comb or tousle your fringe to either side. If necessary, add a little gel, wax, or hairspray to fix it into place.

Garrett Clayton's Side Swept

This long, side swept style doesn’t need much more than some shampoo and perhaps a little hairspray. But it works wonders for Garrett’s round face, right?

Daniel Radcliffe Comb Over

Daniel Radcliffe’s comb over looks very presentable, despite the haphazard facial hair. We love the little curls along his hairline — there’s something cute about how it looks with his round face shape.


The humble quiff is a great way to add height to your face without coming on too strong. A simple buzz on the sides only adds to the effect.


One of the biggest selling points for an undercut is that it’ll work with near any face shape, round or not. As above, buzz or taper the sides for an added kick.


Here’s another quiff that works equally well without the skin-trimmed sides. The jagged lines here build a powerful look with a round face, but you style your quiff however suits you.

Longer Caesar

The Caesar cut has been tried and tested for millenia — literally. This ultra-simple style finds its good looks in those disheveled locks, and it works marvelously on Renner’s baby face.

Slicked Back Undercut

This slicked back undercut is a modern addition to our round-face-friendly list. It’s perfect for both casual and formal circumstances, and works great for personalization.

Slicked Back

If you thought this heavily slicked back style was reserved for the mafia, you’re wrong. It may seem a little dated, but it’s one to consider if you want to bring some old-time class to the room.

Side Swept

A plain, side swept cut with whatever lengths work for you can fit any round face. It’s up to you to decide how much styling is needed.

Nick Jonas's Buzz Cut

Jonas’ buzz cut is cool and refreshingly easy. Wear it with or without the facial hair and you’ve got a handsome, low-maintenance look for your face shape.

Jeremy Renner's Spiky Undercut

Trust a spiky undercut for those days when sweeping it back just won’t do it. It’s different, but it’s totally acceptable and all-the-more interesting. Did we mention that it’s perfect for a round face shape?

Modern French Crop with Fade

We like the French Crop for its simple sexiness, but it’s also the perfect style to tweak to your preferences. Just add messy spikes and a tapered fade for this particular look.

Choppy Top

The choppy top is great for those who don’t want to look like they are trying too hard with their hair. It looks loose. It looks messy. It looks stylish with a round face.

Slicked Undercut

This haircut has the best of a lot of worlds. The low fade looks sharp with the grey hair. The slicked-back look means business. And there is just enough volume to make it look very modern.

Angular Fringe

The angular fringe going to the right here can make you look smarter and friendlier than ever before. With a round face, the angular fringe keeps it fresh.

Wavy Side Swept Hairstyle

For a lot of people, short waves come naturally. For others, the waves are a work of art between the brush and the hairdryer. With the round face and proper fade, the waves are right.

High Fade and Textured Angular Fringe

Definitely, a haircut to look for in 2020, the high cut fades into a perfect line. Adding texture to the angular fringe, plus a lot of product makes sure this look is from the future.

Caesar Crop

I came, I saw, I conquered the Caesar crop! This haircut really plays up the round face by pushing all the extra tussles to the front. The thick beard and the eyebrow line going the other direction are unmistakably fashionable.

Volumized Brush-Back

In the 21st century, men have many new ways to wear their hair. Adding a ton of volume and brushing it back is the new version of the old slick back. Thick sides and a beard encircle the round face.

Thin Hard-Part

Sometimes you want to look like you just came from the salon. With the thin hard part, this haircut looks like one has just come from their hair appointment with their favorite stylist.

Super Sleek Taper Faded Style

The skin fade has been around forever and it will be around for many more years. The sleek part on the top tapered up makes a round face look a bit less chunky and chicer.

Curled Up Top with Taper Faded Sides

Unfortunately, the curling iron hasn’t quite made it over to the men’s side of hair fashion, but, for those with curls, this is a great option. Taper faded sides with a curly fauxhawk in the middle fits the round face well.

Neat Brush Up with Tapered Sides

Did you ever notice that the guys with round faces, want to look like they spend very little time on hair maintenance? This brush-up is quick and easy to do, plus slims the face a bit for a good overall look.

Undercut and Curly Medium Crop

2020 is the year of the wet look for sure. Even more so for men with round faces. This undercut is well worn and the wet, curly medium crop on top makes sure the eyes go straight there.

Dapper Side Part

This is a little more Mad Men than 2020. But, the thick line does bring this cut into the 21st century and fits nicely on the round face.

Short Side-Brush Up

Brushing the hair up, for those with round faces, squares the face out a bit more. Keeping the sides nice and trim, also help with a thinner look. And finally, a thin beard is the cherry on top of the face slimming look.

Hard Part with Low Drop Fade

The skin fade always looks the best right after a haircut. Here, the low drop fade goes up nicely into the hard part with some volume added on the top.

Natural Part and Low Fade

With so many lines and hard parts, it’s surprisingly refreshing to see a natural part. When combed down into the low fade, it makes the face seem much slimmer.

Dense Curled Top with Drop Fade

There’s only one thing to say about this–fresh! The dense curls are flowing everywhere. The hard part is sharp. And the drop fade is skin tight. This guy masks the round face with a beard, but his look is 100 percent right now.

Temple Fade and Scissors Crop

This temple fade is so low, it’s almost non-existent. That means that the stylist had to get busy with the scissors for the crop. It’s wavy, messy, and perfectly askew, just right for a round face.

Front Brush Up and Medium Fade

The tousled look of the front brush up automatically reduces the roundness of the face. Paired with the medium fade and the line, this style gets two thumbs up.

Natural Short Taper and Wavy Top

With so many fades and tapers in style at the moment, the natural look is rare, but still always very stylish because it goes against the grain. The wavy top is the logical extension of the natural short taper.

Full Beard and Personalized French

While there is a round face hidden in there, it’s hard to see because of all the different styles. The trimmed beard elongates the man’s face so it’s no longer round.

The tousled French crop with a bit of Caesar with bangs is eye-catching because of its amalgamation. The designs on the side would usually be shocking, but for this gentleman, they are the third or fourth thing that is noticed.

Textured French and Angled Fringe

Fading the sides and texturing the French crop make this gentleman’s face go from round to oblong in a few swipes of the scissors. The angled fringe on the sides of the top also helps reduce the roundness.

Royal Side Part with Brush Up

This one has to be one of the most obedient hairstyles that we have seen in a while. Each hair strand is very disciplined and lines up perfectly, especially that side part with a thin brush-up quiff on the top makes it trendy while the cleaner sides make it look very neat, surely a great combination.

Classy Mid to Side Parted Push Back

This one by far has to be one of those haircuts with maximum balance. The top is pushed back for managing the volume however the subtle side part makes it look a tad fancy than the usual slicked back, especially with that fluff. The clean shave look makes a bossy statement.

Fluffy Curls with Low Fade

Round face and clean shave are certainly good pair. The top is nicely curled with fluffy shiny curls that bounce. Moreover. the sides are thick yet low faded for that touch of gold. Best of all it is all clean shaved!

Tossed Brush Up with Temple Cut

Round faces have the advantage of a chubbier look and with that one can really pull of chill hairstyles like this one. The hair on top and sides is going places but in a very managed way. The brush-up makes it look casual while the temple fade adds that clean look.

Mohawked Fluffy Brush-Up

Drop fades are one of the fanciest fades out there and when added with a suave mohawk, it just makes everything ten times better. The top is quite fancy with that fluffy curled brush up with clean temple fade makes life amazing.

Slit Shave with Pocky Top

The frisky top can be quite fun if done right and here it is done right in a million ways. The sides are neatly brushed with that slit shave to make it a tad fancy style. The beard balances the face quite well.

Mini Brush Up with Military Vibe

The thing about round faces is that it doesn’t require many volumes, hence the top here is brushed up but a mini one. That being said, the sides are neat with that taper fade and then the stubble perfectly balances the face.

Pocky layered Brush Up with Skin Fade

Brush up with a pocky layer is quite fun on a round face. Especially when paired with a maintained beard makes a very neat look like the one here. The skin fade on the sides makes it perfect to make it even neater.

High Volume Side Parted Top

Side parts are literally one of the most classy and retro haircuts out there. The thin hard part makes it very clear with hair on the sides is tapered along with some push-back feel to it. The beard comes in handy to avoid that clean look.

Classy Side Part with Skin Fade

Neat look always goes well with thin side parts and fades. This one is a prime example of the same. The top is slightly quiffed yet it is side brushed along with the sides are taper faded all the way for that clean look.

Neat Buzz Cut Always Works

Round faces can sometimes enjoy less volume up there but that doesn’t mean one should cut down styling options. The top is straight buzz cut with sides being tapered and carved out line up makes up for the less volume on top.

That Pointy Beard is a Balancer

Beard is something that can make a face seem longer than it is. The one here is quite special especially with the subtle point towards the chin. The best part is the top that is faded a bit for maximum panache.

Balanced Ludacris Look

If we note this hairstyle is more than just the hair. The beard equally plays a role in making this look quite dashing. The buzz cut on top with the beard as a balancing element makes this quite an elegant look also makes it perfect for summer.

French Crop with Temple Fade with Balancer Beard

Balance is the key and here we see that key being used the perfect way. The top is french cropped with that cheeky temple fade coming in hot to rescue the beard which completely balances the face, what else can one ask for?

Frizzed Pushed Back with Drop Fade

Round faces can have a lot of real estate to work with, hence they used every inch of it quite well. The balance established between the hair to beard is perfect with the quiffed slicked back and the thick beard it is hard to go wrong.

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Article written by Ian Chandler for Haircut Inspiration


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