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22 Really Cute Braided Hairstyles

Sometimes referred to as halo braids or crown braids- are undeniably one of the trendiest ways to style your tresses right now. There’s actually very easy to create, and the result is a glamorous and truly feminine look that is wonderful on women of all ages and styles. They also keep all your locks in one place, pulling them away from the neck and shoulders so you’re comfortable and cool.

But what if you don’t want to settle for the same old milkmaid braid day in and day out? We are here to help! We’ve come up with an interesting list of very lovely ways to style a milkmaid braid, from elegant to casual and carefree.

Boho Fishtail Milkmaid

The bohemian trend is hot right now, and you can work in a bit of boho charm with any style you choose. This lovely bohemian milkmaid braid design is crafted with a sophisticated and dimensional fishtail braid around the head, with just a few sparse curled strands left loose around the face. We love how this style also accentuates her illuminating Sunkissed highlights.

Messy Double Milkmaids

Cowgirl up! Whether you’re riding on your trusty steed in your favorite flannel or getting glammed up in your best dress for a fancy night, this messy milkmaid is a great option. So versatile, it goes from effortless and casual to elegant and regal depending on your outfit. And, of course, two is better than one- so toss in some side by side action, an especially great choice for one-colored hair that lacks diversity.

Voluminous Ombré Milkmaid

A milkmaid braid can easily be a standout feature that’s seen for a mile away when you indulge in a heavily voluminous plait like this. She starts off with a simple milkmaid, tugging at the sides once completed for some luscious body that’s thick and bold. Milkmaid braids are an especially great option for ombré hair colors, letting your contrasting color meddle together for a bit of time.

Mini Milkmaid Wrap

When you’re trying for that soft, delicate, princess-like style, this is the hairstyle that should be at the top of your list. Also great for thin-haired gals, this milkmaid braid uses a twisting technique rather than an actual braid for something miniature-sized and undeniably dainty. Leave a few pieces loose and gently curl them to add even more soft appeal around the face.

Tousled Pushed Back Milkmaid Braid

When you push back your milkmaid braid a few inches, you get to add a little extra styling to your entire look. If you have bangs- whether they’re sexy side bangs or adorable baby bangs- it’s the ideal opportunity to keep them front-and-center. But if you’re bang-free and simply want to do a touch more styling, then let your lengthy pieces hang off to the sides and texture them up for an effortless everyday look.

Precise Red Hot Milkmaid Braid

Red hair is fierce and eye-catching, giving off that fiery attitude that comes from deep inside the soul; but even this fiery red hair can be given a touch of innocence with a cute milkmaid braid design. This traditional milkmaid is left precise, with a rigid plait that’s not tousled in the slightest. This makes for a sophisticated, put-together finish that can be worn anywhere.

Contrasting Braid Styles Milkmaid

If you really want to create a milkmaid braid that’s going to turn heads with its flawless dimension and uniqueness, then this is the ideal choice. With a thick three-strand upper half and a silky fishtail braid below, it’s a dazzling look that can only be completed with a few curly loose strands around the face. Love the dimension here!

Simple Milkmaid

Simple milkmaid braid? Yes, it’s subtle; but it’s holding so much daintiness and beauty to it, it’s really anything but SIMPLE. It’s a quick and easy hairstyle, however, that can be transformed depending on your apparel. Go for an everyday look and pair it with a jeans and tee or make it elegant with some fine jewelry and a curled front piece.

Purple Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid braids look great on any hairstyle, but they seem to look extra charming with some quirky, vibrant shades like this electric purple. The hue creates a fairylike effect that’s pronounced with that luscious milkmaid braid design.

Messy Deep Red Milkmaid Braid

Sometimes the milkmaid braid doesn’t have to be the center of attention; sometimes it can be the accenting feature of a hairstyle. Her locks would look flawless simply curled and left straight, but she wants to cause more drama to her appearance- enter the super messy milkmaid braid! Such a dazzling look that’s truly unlike others we’ve seen.

Polished Double Milkmaid Braids

With a wedding or prom night just around the corner, you’re probably scrambling to find the best ‘do. If you’re looking for a vintage, innocent style that’s oozing with elegance and overall feminine appeal, then consider a polished double milkmaid braid design like this. The precision is kept, leaving the plaits secure and loose strands in-tact for a nice ending.

Euro-Inspired Milkmaid Braid

It looks as if this hairstyle cam right out of the old European days, and we’re loving it. Simply toss back your milkmaid braid a few inches, part down the middle, and keep the plaits with a simple three-strand, all intact.

Scarf Milkmaid Braid

You can put your personality into the picture by intertwining a scarf into your milkmaid braid! It gives your style some interesting contrast that’s extremely laidback but fun. Choose any scarf you like, from something one-colored to something bursting with colors and designs, or something in between like this navy floral band.

Double Braided Princess Crown Milkmaid

Looking as if you’ve just stepped out from the castle and you’re ready to be adored by your people is as easy as doing a thick double milkmaid braid such as this. The crown effect is bold and in your face, but has a sense of delicateness and regalness that certainly can’t be ignored.

Simple Milkmaid Crown

Why not keep things simple from time to time? Ready in under 10 minutes, this traditional three-strand milkmaid braid design is the go-to for school mornings when you’re short on time.

Fishtail to Dutch Milkmaid Braid

Settling for less is never a good thing; cause some serious drama and impact in your style in a way that’s dainty and cute by intertwining a mix of braids into one milkmaid braid design. Consider a fishtail and dutch braid!

Milkmaid Braid Low Updo

An elegant low updo such as this is extremely ravishing on its own, but you can take this look to the next level by doing a milkmaid braid before styling your hair into something fabulous like this.

Highlighted Milkmaid Braid

The great thing about making a milkmaid braid when you have highlights throughout your mane, is you can show off a stunning blend of colors in an effortless and girly way, just as you see here.

Natural Milkmaid Braid

If you’re designing your hair into a milkmaid braid and you have natural hair coloring, keep the all-natural and feminine appeal of this hairstyle by keeping your makeup to a minimum. Do some pink lips and leave the rest of your face alone (or choose natural colors to subtly highlight your features).

Milkmaid Braid with Bangs

SO cute! Don’t you agree? How could you not! This adorable little number shows that you don’t have to have super long hair to do a milkmaid braid; your short tresses can be designed into a lovely milkmaid, and it looks extra cute with those eyebrow-skimming bangs.

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Article written by Nicole O. for Hairstyles Weekly


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