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25 Ways to Wear Fringe Bangs, as Seen On Celebs

Bangs have a bad rap for being an irrational move when we're going through a new phase in l

ife or are craving change. They’re certainly a quick and easy way to switch up your look, but there's a very rational argument for why bangs—when cut correctly—can elevate your style entirely.

"I think the great thing about a fringe is that you can use it to really change up any haircut," says Ashley Streicher, a celebrity hairstylist. "Long, layered, bobbed, and shaggy can all add to a fringe to really change the look. It's like an added accessory."

Unlike a traditional bang, a fringe bang is longer, hitting either right above or along the brow line—and it doesn’t require months of growing out your hair to get them tucked back behind your ears, should you have a change of heart.

We’ve rounded up a solid group of 25 fringe bang photos for you to browse through, with expert tips from Streicher and Leela on how to achieve the look.


Curly Crop With Bangs

Halle Berry's short curly crop is well-rounded with a bit of fringe grazing her forehead. Here, bangs help pull this style together entirely.



Shay Mitchell’s fringe lays down stick-straight over her brows, but her smoky eye helps keep her face from being overshadowed.


Natural Part

Alexa Chung has always been an icon of cool girl hair. Here, she lets a side part naturally peek through her fringe. If this isn't a natural occurrence for you, you can assist your fringe by placing it in the desired position with no-crease clips while wet.


Feathered Fringe

Freida Pinto’s feathered fringe lends itself to effortless movement. To keep this style from becoming high maintenance, showing up for your appointment with clean, dry hair, styled the way you always style it, will enable your stylist to give you a quick, dry cut and provide the immediate gratification you’re looking for.


Short and Piece-y

Sophia Amoruso traded in her famous micro-bangs for a bit of a (semi) longer fringe. For a similar look, Leela says to ensure the cut and length of fringe frames your face well. "The best cut with a fringe is something that harmoniously blends the cut and fringe together," she says. "Stay away from solely asking for a fringe without cutting the rest of the hair, as the stylist will not have the opportunity to marry the two."


Feather-Light Bangs

If you have thicker, heavier hair like Constance Wu, ask your stylist to cut into your bangs for a lighter, piece-y look.


Wavy Bob With Bangs

As if this texture wasn’t already something we’d want to replicate on its own, the addition of these long textured bangs on Carey Mulligan has us swooning, too.


Voluminous Waves With Soft Bangs

Camila Cabello’s fringe is a minor detail amidst her big, wavy mane. For a similar look, ask your stylist to bring a very small section forward when cutting your new fringe.


Gradual Layers

Kirsten Dunst wears her long fringe split down the middle, cascading down gradually into her face-framing layers. Check out our guide on how to cut your own hair for a slide-cutting technique that can help you get face-framing layers from the comfort of your home.


'60s Lob With Bangs

Winnie Harlow’s look was one to watch on the CFDA red carpet, pairing her fringe with a slightly flipped-out lob. It's a statement look, though, so if you're looking to replicate something similar, there are some things to keep in mind. "Important things to ask your stylist or keep in mind are things like: Do you wear glasses, and where should they sit with frames on?" says Leela. "How much maintenance is involved and how to style it? What products will I need?"


Mod Fringe

A long fringe looks great with this mod-inspired, half-up, half-down ‘do on Bryce Dallas Howard. When you go see your stylist and request a fringe like the one seen here, be sure to wear your hair in its natural state, or your choice style if you always wear your hair the same way. Point being: you want your stylist to see you as you always are.


Side Part

A good fringe doesn’t have to lay straight down. If you have a natural side part, you can still opt for a fringe that caresses the brow line, as seen here on Taraji P. Henson.

To keep it styled throughout the day, keep a bottle of texturizing bang spray handy. "It’s great to have on hand for volume and stay ability—for bangs to keep from separating or getting too flat," says Streicher.


Face-Framing Fringe

Kelly Rowland's short bob creates a focal point on her beautiful face with the help of full, eyebrow-obscuring bangs.


Tousled Fine Hair With Bangs

If you have fine hair like Kate Moss, a little fringe and some razor-cut layers can really add a lot of body and effortless movement to your strands.


Side Swoop

Since a good fringe is long to start with, it can give you more versatility than your average bang. Try pushing them over into a side swoop a la Karlie Kloss when in between trims.


A-Frame Bangs With Ponytail

Style queen Zendaya's high ponytail is perfectly complemented by these soft, full bangs, bookended by longer, face-framing pieces on the side.


Long and Straight

Elizabeth Olsen pairs her long locks with a long fringe and it has us wondering if we should be growing out our hair, too.


Curly Shag

The only thing we love more than a messy, curly shag is a messy, curly shag with accompanying curly bangs. Gabrielle Union's version is giving us serious disco feelings.



Zooey Deschanel has pledged herself to maintaining good bangs. If you’re hesitant about making the switch, try starting out with a longer fringe as seen here. You’ll be looking like a new girl yourself in no time.


Baby Bangs

Keke Palmer keeps things neat and petite with this chic pixie. Because the bangs are proportionate to the length of the cut, they look more sophisticated and less third-grade-bowl-cut.


Ballerina Bun

Shailene Woodley keeps her fringe prim and proper with this ballerina bun. To style this look, try dry shampoo rather than washing hair from scratch. "Dry shampoo and texture sprays will definitely be your friend," says Streicher. "Because bangs lay on the forehead, which tends to be oily, you will want to keep this hair as oil-free as possible."


Sweeping Shag

There's not a hairstyle on J.Lo's head that we haven't seen and immediately wanted for ourselves. This shag with swooping curtain bangs is certainly no exception.


Messy-on-Purpose Updo

"I think Dakota Johnson is a perfect example of how bangs accentuate and balance the face," says Leela. The actress wears her fringe au natural, allowing her bangs to naturally cinch just above the brow line.


Waved Long Fringe

emma Chan's side-parted style is great for those wanting to try curtain bangs or even grow out their current fringe.


Faux Fringe

If you’re unsure about making the leap and cutting a fresh fringe, try grabbing some clip-ins first. Kendall Jenner’s faux fringe (almost) had us fooled.

How often should you trim fringed bangs?

To maintain the healthiest look and feel, try getting bangs trimmed every 5 to 6 weeks.

Can you air-dry fringed bangs?

If you have little time, you can air-dry bangs — just be sure and place a scarf over top as they dry, to avoid cowlicks.

Can you use a straightener on fringe bangs?

To tame frizz, you can absolutely smooth your bangs with a flat iron. Just ensure the iron is small enough that you can reach the root of the hair (otherwise, you'll likely create a crease in the bangs).

So, already got inspiration for your new fringe?

The Shampoo Lounge will help you. The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our instagram, our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in.


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