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3 Life-Changing Short Haircuts Women Over 40 Can Try To Look Years Younger

Turning 40 is a major accomplishment, and what better way to celebrate this than with a flattering haircut? We reached out to professional hair stylists and hair experts to learn more about three timeless, trendy and celeb-fave haircuts that beauties over 40 can utilize to emphasize their best features, rock a youthful-esque glow and use for a fresh change to ring in the holiday season. Read on for tips, suggestions and insight from Jean Will, hair expert and co-founder of NiaWigs Inc. and Gina Rivera, celebrity hair stylist and founder of Phenix Salon Suites.

1. Side-Parted Pixie

A pixie is always a classic, bold and elegant haircut choice to bring more attention to your beautiful face and cheekbones, especially, Will notes. By parting your already short cut to the side like Halle Berry and adding layers, you can create even more volume while simultaneously preventing a flat, dull or outdated look. If you want a new ‘do that ultimately won’t look weighed down or lifeless, “this is a perfect cut” for this, Will says. This hairstyle has the power to “make over 40-year-old women look like they are in their 20s,” Will adds, as its trendy, bold and easy-to-style appeal can bring more attention to your best features and “make your face look young.”

2. Layered Wavy Bob with Wispy Bangs

For those of us with more wavy or curly hair textures, this chic bob can provide instant volume and movement while framing your facial features. Will explains that you can ask your stylist to firstly cut your tresses into a bouncy, chin-length bob, with face-framing layers. She also recommends adding wispy fringe to this style, like Selena Gomez, for not only a more youthful look overall, but also to hide any possible thinning or hair loss at the crown. “This hairstyle is perfect for women over 40,” she says. “It will help hide their forehead [and any signs of wrinkling or natural aging] to look younger. It is suitable for women who have thick hair, as well as thin.” As this cut features bangs that can be worn down or part in the center, it naturally has an effect to make your face look even more symmetrical and emphasize your eyes and cheekbones. (Plus, it’s easy to style!)

3. Asymmetrical Bob

Rather than settling for a flatter bob, Rivera notes that you can add volume to your hair instantly if it is cut asymmetrically. This trendy look, as seen on Charlize Theron, is great for those who not only want lots of volume and movement, but also who want to keep more length, Rivera says. “A textured asymmetrical bob is another terrific choice for fine hair,” she explains, as this style is “so hip that it’s perfect for making our ladies in their prime look super chic.” After removing a bit of length from the hair (but not totally evenly), Theron’s asymmetrical look adds to “movement and creates a youthful appeal.” Texturizing the hair, Rivera suggests, creates an opportunity to “remove some of the damaged ends and weight,” which bring more life to the hair as well, she concludes.

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