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30 Stylish Shag Haircut Ideas For Your Trendy Look

Experimenting with hair is a new solution to when you would love some changes to your appearance. Do you have that feeling now? Great! Then why don`t you choose a shag hair cut to bring in some creativity to your look? Voluminous and stylish at the same time it will help you to define your facial features bringing in some freshness to your look. We love this idea so much. Do you? Haircuts for women like this one are so creative and will make you feel like a superstar every day.

What Is A Shag Haircut?

If you like to hear more about this exciting idea, then let`s go deeper into the haircut details. What is a shag haircut? Effortless and easy looking it is basically a short haircut that can be described with the help of choppy ends, layers around the crown of the head, volume and loads of texture. We love how simple it is but how much style at the same time it brings to the look of the person who rocks it. Are you ready to knock people off with your magnificent hairstyle?

How To Cut A Shag Haircut?

The key for such an effortless and easy look is layers. Ask your hairdresser to look at your hair textures and define the needed amount of them. The more layers, the more volume you will have. Are you up for rocking such a texturized easy hairstyle? Don`t forget about the choppy ends. They work so well with such a voluminous haircut.

How To Style A Shag Haircut?

Shag hairstyles are a real catch for women who want to keep up with modern trends! They come in many different ways, and they can flatter any hair length with their twisted, edgy, and volumizing layers. Short shaggy cuts look extra eye-catching and youthful. Their medium variations create a contrastive, disheveled style. As for longer styles, their great, voluminous, and twisty layers are to die for.

Guess what? There’s more than their versatility: shag styles know how to impress you. How about adding body to your thin hair or calming down your fine locks? All these ideas can change your styling routine for the better. So, how easily can you get a trendy look?

To enhance the texture of the hair use some hair products. A salt spray or a hair mousse will work perfectly. For more of a flirty look, you can add some easy beach waves. They will add so much style to the look making you look even more special than you are already.

Short Shag Haircuts

Short haircut is another nowadays’ classic women of any age sport proudly. Do you want to make it even more exceptional? It’s time to add some shaggy layers! Longer layers will play the role of the body of your cut, and shorter ones will add more texture.

Pixie Shag Haircut

Among the many haircut styles, short ones are on the top. The reason why people aim for getting a shorter cut is various but mainly because they are stylish, trendy and easy to maintain. A pixie shag is not an exception except for the fact that it can literarily suit anyone. No matter fine or curly or thick hair you have a pixie shag will flatter you.

Besides, ladies who are dying to add a modern vibe to their looks will definitely appreciate these fabulous cuts. Short shaggy pixie comes in many styles, side-swept, shorter, longer, dark-colored, light-colored, and highlighted – it allows you to take a pick and create your own, individual look. If you like to keep your hair short, you should better try this style out.

Long Pixie Shag Haircut

A long pixie shag haircut has a lot to offer to even the most demanding babes. That is, you can get all you need with this haircut: more movement, more texture, and more carefree vibes.

Short Bob Shag Haircut

We really love these short bob shag haircut ideas. If you want to style your shag bob this way, just apply curl-boosting styling mousse to your clean, wet tresses. Then blow dry them and finish with hair spray.

Medium Shag Haircuts

Throughout the centuries of fashion, shag styles have had many faces. And this is how the modern shag looks like. Everything is restrained and rich at the same time: though the silhouette is quite full, it doesn’t look too drastic. The pleasant movement of medium layers creates a very fresh and sophisticated style, which we, modern women, want to achieve in our casual looks.

Shoulder Length Shag Haircut

Why that shoulder shag haircut is so unique that we devoted an entire chapter to it? Well, to be 100% honest with you, it is very easy to mistake a shoulder shag for a long one, but the difference lies in length itself. While there is no precise definition of how long the long shag is a shoulder one clarifies the length accurately.

But that is not what makes this type of hag so special; the main difference lies in the ability to come up with a shoulder shag that is like no one else’s. The thing is that you can variate the number of layers, their length and intensity on your own and thus you can create your own distinctive hairstyle. Not to mention the number of experiments you can succeed with while playing around with colors. Use your imagination!

Messy Long Bob Haircut

Long shaggy hairstyles for thick hair are what you need to tame that mane of yours. We all know that dealing with thick hair may be problematic at times but the beauty of a shag cut lies in its ability to add exquisite texture to the hair and to bring it to the new level of low-maintenance and that can’t but bring joy to our hearts.